Thursday, September 10, 2009

Never enough time

I use to roll my eyes at my mother when she'd say "There are enough hours in the day"... and it's amazing how quickly that changes as you grow older.

I could use at least another 8 hours to each day and it probably wouldn't be enough.

Here it is, less than 48 hours before the show, and I've barely done anything toward getting organized and packed.

Oh I have lots of inventory, I've been slowly building it up over the summer, but it's all over the place, nothing is priced, I have no business cards, brochures, signs....

Today the intention was to leave work early (around 2 or 3) head up to mom's pick up the yarn, and come here and get organized.

Well, I worked until 5, got tom mom's about 6, and she asked me to stay for dinner. Now if there is one thing I miss about living at home, it's Mom's cooking. Oh, living rent free and having disposable income were great, but I wouldn't move back home just for that.... but Mom's cooking... yeah that might tempt me.

And tonight, it wasn't even really her cooking... she bought a roasted chicken from the grocery store and threw together a salad... but even store bought chicken tastes better when she buys it.

So anyway, by the time I played with Ladydog (I'm not allowed to sit at Mom's until I throw the ball at least 100 times), played with Mom's new Wollmeise (she wouldn't even let me sneak some out in my purse), ate dinner and packed up the yarn it was 8 p.m.

I got home took care of the kids (they hate getting dinner late, no matter if there is still food in the dish) read my email, read my blogs and now it's almost 10.

So no organizing for me. I'm going to have a hot bath, put my feet up and do a few more squares on the crackghan.

I'll just leave work REALLY early tomorrow!


TheBlackSheep said...

I think the "leave work early" thing is a sydrome or something. I keep saying the same thing, then wind up staying.

Pact maybe? If either of us ever finds out how to put more hours in a day, we'll share the secret with each other, k?

Good luck with the show!

Rhonda said...

Welcome to my world. Sell the yarn, I want to dye some more.