Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am beautiful...

I was given a Beautiful Blogger award! (Thanks minding my own stitches!)

I started blogging in 2007 as a means to promote my jewellry, but it quickly came to focus on the cats and my knitting - then last year mom and I started dying yarn and you all know how that's gone. Reading my favourite blogs is one of the best parts of my day. I like to see what everyone else (and their pets) is up to and it's nice to see traditional skills continuing despite our ever increasing digitized world.

As part of the Beautiful Blogger Award, I have to share 10 things about myself that you might not know.

1) I have the eating habits of a six year old- I still don't eat crust and prefer my sandwiches cut into quarters; I don't like the taste of purple; I will only eat Kraft cheese slices, tartar sauce and peanut butter (not all together), Campbell soup (chicken noodle, tomato and vegetable only), Bick's pickles, and Heinz ketchup - other brands will not suffice.

2) Since I began my working career at the age of 16 I have had more than 30 jobs - sometimes two at a time (part-time). I was only ever fired once - and that's because I was under the probation period and the manager didn't like my stance on gun control (she asked - I answered! I always say if you don't want my opinion - don't ask for it.)

3) When I had the chicken pox as a child, I had one on my tongue.

4) I like sharp and pointy thing - daggers, throwing knives, swords etc., and this summer my goal is to learn to shoot the compound bow my grandfather gave me.

5) I've always wanted a pet bird - preferably a raptor of some sort - but that's not practical so I'll settle for a cockatoo.

6) Until the end of high school I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then I graduated and got lazy - it took me five years to go to college and then I went for journalism - how in the hell did that happen?

7) When I was a child, I spotted a deer in the field between our house and the neighbours. I immediately went in and told everyone I saw Bambi and he let me pet him and ride him. More than 20 years later, no one has let me live it down.

8) I almost had Dave talked into moving to Norway to take up positions as tour guides at a Viking museum - but then I read the job posting and discovered we had to know more than one language.

9) On the topic of language - I use to be really good in French and vowed to become bilingual (mostly because I wanted to move to France and I was in love with Jean Claude Van Damme) - for some reason I stopped taking French after Grade 11 and have regretted it every time I've seen a job posting that requires bilingual capabilities. Maybe that will be my winter goal.

10) I am afraid of heights, but heights don't bother me as much if there is water below me (even though I'm not a great swimmer).

Now to award 10 other beautiful bloggers (In no particular order)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award.
I appreciate the sentiment.

I wish I was bilingual too. Spanish would come in handy down here.

pendie said...

well, all of us already knew you're beautiful, but it's nice to get the acknowledgement, isn't it?!

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations! And thank you so much for nominating me -- I'm really touched, especially given how much I enjoy reading your blog (and admiring your yarn!!) :)

Maybe if you learn to shoot your compound bow, I'll finally learn how to play my bagpipe chanter? ;)