Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is it Sunday already?

You know - weekends just aren't long enough.

I did do a lot this weekend, but I'd really love another day before going back to work

Anyway, what was I up to? Well Dave was busy with a student concert on Saturday, and now he's off to a real concert (Scorpions) so I've had a lot of time to myself.

Saturday I headed up to Mom's where we made three batches of homemade strawberry jam (and Mom, Dave would really like some raspberry and blueberry jam if you make it).

Mom has made homemade jam ever since I can remember - and I've been totally spoiled by it. I absolutely refuse to eat store bought jam. So, I figured it was probably time I learn how to make it too!

After jammin', I hung out and cast on for another sock (yeah I know, I should have cast on for any one of the second socks to complete the pairs that I have lying about... but what's the fun in that?)This is the Twisted Fibre Art yarn that I showed you early. Nice day-glo stripes!

I also finished up the first of Dave's socks in Stray CatColour is Moody Blues

And just to keep things interesting I cast on for another Daenerys...
My brother is getting married next month, and while it will probably be warm, I wanted to be prepared for a cool evening - so this shawl should do the trick.

I'm using some black Angora I picked up on E-Bay a few years ago. It's ridiculosly soft - but I keep getting hair up my nose. Oh well, it will be worth it when it's done!

Now, there are still several hours before bed time, and since I'm alone, but for the cats - it's going to be a chick-knit night! Jane Austin movies anyone?


Monika said...

I like the day-glow yarn! I'm going to watch Frasier on DVD's. I'm at season 5 right now. I'm also knitting a sock with Purple People Eater, such a wonderful colorway!

Jeanne said...

Home-made jam? Sounds delicious!

Love the new sock - I like it when yarn like this stripes (and not pools)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I love chick-knit nights, but I only get them when Steve is away on business.

Samantha said...

Married? WOW! That's awesome! :)