Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's Wednesday and I'm feeling rather random-y... so here's a bunch of random stuff.

1) If you're looking for the contest scroll down. To everyone who's entered so far - thanks! and good luck!

2) Is it strange and wrong that as I ate my fish n' chips tonight I had the sudden urge to watch Finding Nemo?

3) Summer is definitely here - you can tell because my roses have exploded. Remember how they looked like this just a few months ago?
Well a little sun, a little rain and ...... crazy eh?

Here's a close up...3) Despite the pile of single socks that are yearning for a mate, the two shawls and sweater that are already on the needles - I cast on for a new project...Another shawl of my own design - this one in Fluffy Cat.

4) While I don't work on it steady, I throw a new square on the crackghan every now and again, and little by little it's growing.
It might grow a little faster if I could get it back from the cats.


Kim said...

Your roses are lovely!

Frieda said...

The roses are beautiful , love that close up photo !

I thought you were knitting the crackghan FOR the cats ;-)) !

Lee said...

Well the start of the shawl looks very pretty. I love spring it sort of like a little surprise every year when you wake up and boom there is color in the world again. Your roses look gorgeous. You might have to knit Tux a crackghan for him to use when you tuck him in on his little couch bed thing. Maybe not too small;)

Not ready for handspun said...

It is summer, isn't it! We just found two little pears on our pear tree. First fruit it's ever produced in its ten year life. Didn't even think there was another pear tree close enough for pollination. You just never know!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

The roses are looking great! And the shawl is looking good, even if it is distracting you from the other stuff! And I totally love the crackghan and can fully understand why the cats would love it too - it looks nice and cozy!

Samantha said...

Lovely roses! Crackghan is AWESOME.

RobinH said...

Your crackghan is clearly cat-tested and approved! (All the best ones are.)