Thursday, August 5, 2010


Thank you for all the lovely comments on the shawl - and that was just while it was blocking!
Here are some much better pics of it.
This is the Red Dragon Shawl. I had originally intended to use my sea silk for this shawl, but as you know, that ended up in my Frozen Leaves shawl (the second one).

This was a nice pattern - at first more complicated than any other lace I've attempted, but once I got my groove on, it was pretty easy (as easy as lace goes anyway) . In fact, I got a little bored with it, but I may just be in a bit of a knitting funk because I'm a little bored with all my projects at the moment.

Of course, this is knit with our Slinky Cat, in the ever popular "Peacock" colourway. Mine is actually a bit more muted than most of the other skeins out there, but it works well, and is perfect for a lacy knit. You all know how I love making things with silk, and this was no exception!

I'm not normally a blue person, I tend more towards greens, pinks and reds, but this colourway was just too pretty not to have. I only wish I could have finished it in time to wear for my brother's wedding, but it was not to be.

Oh, and for any one who's counting, this is my seventh shawl for the 10 shawls challenge - five months, three more shawls to go!


Monika said...

It's beautiful! I love the color too. Way to go! Three more shawls, you can easily do it!

Anonymous said...

it looks even better here!!!!

Jeanne said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I put this shawl in my queue after seeing yours - just gorgeous!

Not ready for handspun said...

Stunning! And the fact that it's the seventh shawl you've knit this year is also stunning!

Walden said...

Very lovely! The colorway is very nice also and works well with the pattern.

Knitting Linguist said...

It really is lovely! I adore the color ( i am a very blues person), and the patteern shows off the yarn perfectly. Looking good!

Samantha said...

You are doing awesome in the shawl challenge of 2010. Make a clapotis. It's fun! Ha ha. :)