Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wicked deals, best laid plans and shadow cats

You can tell from the title that this is going to be a random post. So here we go...

Wicked deals:

On the weekend, Dave decided we should brave the disgustingly thick, humid afternoon and hit up a flea market. Of course by the time we got there, he was ready to go back to the air conditioning (of which my car has none - his car does but he insists on using up my gas - so he has to suffer.) But since we were there already, we did a quick walk-around, and I'm so glad we did because I found an awesome deal!
An almost complete Barbie castle for just $15! It's missing a few chairs, and a couple of other pieces of furniture and accessories, but the elevator works! The monsters... I mean my darling nieces......are visiting my Mom for the week so I took it up to them on Monday. Word is they went out to get some new Barbies and a "royal toilet" for it today.

I love deals like this. When Miss Pee was a toddler, I came across an entire Fisher Price kitchen with accessories for $10. And of course, who can forget my wicked cat couch deal of $5?
Best laid plans:

I started designing a baby blanket with some left over yarn last night, but this morning I got bored with it and frogged it. Probably because there are no babies on the way.

Instead I turned my attention to one of my shawl designs. I've reworked some charts and now it's going swimmingly - I love it when a plan comes together. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of the month and give you all a peak (right now it's an unphotographable knitting blob.)

Shadow cats:
I've been off work for the past couple of days, and Rocky really seems to be enjoying the company. He is such a social kitty. He's not really a lap cat (though he likes a goof bedtime snuggle) but he likes to be with people. No matter what I'm doing, I can pretty much guarantee he's not far behind and he follows Dave like he's afraid to let him out of his sight. Occasionally he likes to get involved in what ever I'm doing - especially when making the bed or cleaning the litter.

Today however, since I was mostly stretched out knitting, he was enjoying the sun from the back of the couch. Of course, I have one of those couches with the square pillow cushions for the back - not ideal for lounging cats. It wasn't bad when I was sitting there, keeping it propped up, but when I got up to do a little housework.......this is how it looked when I came back. He slid right down between the cushion and the back of the couch. Of course, as you can see - it really didn't bother him and was obviously the perfect way to take advantage of that sunbeam.

Tomorrow is back to work, so I better go make my lunch - another of Rocky's favourite activities, especially if there are tuna sandwiches involved.


Rhonda said...

Yup, thanks for the extra junk in my quiet livingroom. I think it's time for bed.

TheBlackSheep said...

Oh the comfort. Makes me want to be able to join him, I mean aside from the fact that I normally work all day while he gets to lay around in sunbeams...

Abby said...

I am still jealous of that cat couch!

Not ready for handspun said...

A royal toilet? I don't remember that particular Barbie accessory!