Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 1: Exploring

Today, there were no plans until 3, when official registration began, so Mom and I were left to our own devices.

We got up early and explored a little bit of Colonial Williamsburg, which is right across the road from our hotel.
 We didn't go in any of the buildings yet, as we were there quite early and not much was open. We are going to save that for another day.

Late morning, we met up with a Ravelry friend and did a little shopping! (Holy shoe deals!) We came back in time for registration and to meet more friends.

First, let me say - I am not one to be too bothered by heat and humidity. I live in Southern Ontario, and we get our fair share in the summer..... but Virginia... my oh my - I didn't know what humidty was! You can literally see it - it just hangs in the air,

That didn't stop me from exploring though.....
 An amazing bamboo grove on the grounds of the hotel! I had no idea bamboo grew here!
 Not to far from the grove was this pretty little waterfall. There's so much green here, it's amazing! It's green back home - but it's REALLY green here!

After exploring, I went back inside to make sure Mom was settled in with the other crankers
And while she was cranking, I worked on the sock I started on the drive
First one done!

Now it's off to bed and up bright and early tomorrow - we're heading to Jamestown!


Anonymous said...

We call that kind of humidity, "air you can chew". Come on down to Florida, we have that kind of air all the time. LOL

Have a great time. Looks like you have a great start.

Nancy Kay said...

I love your pictures! They so remind me of my visit to Colonial Williamsburg. I got a huge kick out of seeing people dressed in costume, working at various tasks as if living in the 18th century. You will love Jamestown too. The glass-blowing was fascinating to me. And yeah, the HUMIDITY is something else!

Araignee said...

The heat and humidity are terrible down here in the summer. I once had an African, that was dancing at the Folk Life Festival on the National Mall, tell me that he couldn't bear it here-it's the worse he had ever felt and he came from what was considered the hottest part of Africa. I can't bear it and wonder what my English ancestors were thinking when they settled in this horrible place. Every summer I want to move.