Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting dirty

The weather is so nice now that the humidity is gone, it's hard to stay in doors. So back to the dirt I went.
The work crew is ready!
Those who know me well, know that next to lilies, roses are my favourite flower. I intend to plant some in the back yard, but this year we just weren't ready for them yet.

However, when I was at the grocery store the other day, they were clearing out  a bunch of mini-roses for $2 a bush.
Now, I've bought mini-roses before - and I usually can't keep them alive more than a couple of weeks. However, I know someone who keeps them for years... her trick - plant them in the garden outside. Her walkways are lined with them and it's absolutely beautiful! So I thought what the heck!

Of course, as mentioned, the yard isn't quite ready for roses yet, but I thought maybe the key is just outside. I bought a large terra cotta pot and a little yellow viney annual to keep it company.
I figure if it lasts, I can plant in the ground next summer.
But for now, it's pretty as a picture.

One other thing that needed potting (well - re-potting) was my goldfish plant.
This is a very special goldfish plant.

1)It's the only indoor plant Rocky hasn't managed to eat on me
2) It's the only indoor plant I haven't managed to kill through sheer neglect. I do neglect it - frequently.... but it just doesn't die.
3) I've never seen another goldfish plant like it.
Not my actual plant - mine is mad at me for neglecting it,
so there are no flowers at the moment.
All mom's goldfish plants bloom with solid orange flowers. But this one had red veins. It's very cool. I bought it not long  after I moved out on my own. The plant did well, and I split it up giving some pieces to Mom a few years ago (hers is flourishing, but she doesn't neglect it), and giving my plant a little more growing room. But it's been long overdue for a bigger pot.
 That's better! It looks happier already.

And while I was at the garden centre getting soil and pots - I picked the boys up a little treat.
 Tux couldn't wait for me to get it out of the bag. His front feet are actually inside the bag.

I thought we'd plant some beside the veggie garden, and the boys can enjoy a little nip whenever they go out to play.

But it doesn't look like Tux is going to let it last very long....


Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've never had any luck with the patio roses either. I hope yours do better :)

Monika said...

Do cats actually eat catnip? Is it the smell of this plant they like so much?

Araignee said...

I glad to hear your weather has changed for the better. I'm still waiting down here. We are having a storm at the moment and it is only making things steamier. Ugh...

RobinH said...

Tux isn't your only'll be attracting any other cats in the neighborhood too. The only way we could keep catnip alive when I was a kid was to put a little cage over it. The plant would then grow to be 1/2 inch smaller than the cage, and no more. (Any leaves that stuck out past that got nibbled off.) Without the cage, the plant got nommed down to the roots in a few days.

Nancy Kay said...

Your pot with the mini-roses looks great! How pretty! I've never heard of or seen a goldfish plant, but the blooms are really cool. I hope your plant likes its new location. Such cute pictures of Tux!

RobinH said...

Monika- the cat's default mode is *sniff, sniff* 'hey, what's that, can I eat it?' If they like the smell, they definitely will eat it. Mine chew on their catnip bags until they're green and slimy.

Dee said...

Tux looks like he is in "nip" heaven.

Love your roses and vine. Such a pretty combo.