Friday, January 24, 2014

Heating things up

On my lunch hours I've been working away on the Mr. Dress-up sock
I'm slowly approaching to toe on the first one. But I'm not in any rush - I have until March 5 to get them finished in time for the KAL.  The bright tomato Twisted Top Cat is definitely making me think warm thoughts - which is good because it's freakin' cold again. Really freakin' cold. We've been really spoiled with the last few years of mild winters - and this one is making us feel it. 

And despite the warm and cozy yarn, it was too cold in the office cafe to work on it today! Their heating system must have been on the blink, because after the 10 minutes it took to get my lunch order, I was a popsicle. I headed back up to my desk to work through my lunch just to be warm. 

How much longer until Spring?


Anonymous said...

I'm trying hard not to be annoyed by the cold, but I AM annoyed. I know I'll miss it when the temps are up in the 90s for eight months, but right now? It's annoying me. My hands are freezing!

The red sock looks great!

Nancy Kay said...

Good looking sock, for sure. That bright red will be fun to wear! Sorry about the freezing temps...I think it's actually much worse in many parts of the country than it is in Wyoming, which is a bit unusual. That crazy polar vortex!!!

Rachelle said...

They're looking good; I need a pair of red socks, but not till I've done youngest and Dh's next socks as I've got enough to keep me going, but Dh wears his out and youngest insists on growing!