Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meet Mr. Dress-up

I finally got Dave to stand still long enough to get a decent pic of the socks I made him for Christmas.
Which means I was also able to get the pattern together, and publish it on Ravelry. It's called Mr. Dress-up and it's a freebie. There's also a lady's version too.
Several people mentioned interest in them when I was knitting last month, so Mom and I decided to do a KAL over in the Wandering Cat Yarns group.

Here are the details:
  • KAL runs from January 5- March 5, 2014
  • Socks cannot be started before January 5, and must be completed by March 5 to be eligible to win a prize.
  • Socks do not have to be knit with Wandering Cat Yarn, however, using our yarn gives you an extra entry into the prize draw.
  • Finished socks much be posted in the Finished KAL thread (I will open it on January 5). Please no chatty in that thread. 
  • There will be one “surprise” yarn package as a prize. (WCY and other assorted goodies) Winner will be chosen at random. If we get a large number of participants will will add more prizes.
Would you like to join us?


Samantha said...

Sounds like fun. Would I be required to knit an entire pair or would one sock be sufficient? LOL ;)

Araignee said...

Oh man.......I love that pattern and I would love to join but there is NO WAY with the new pup that I would ever be able to get that much knitting done. I figure I have a couple of very unproductive months ahead of me-but I couldn't be happier.

elns said...

Congratulations on another cool pattern! Thank you for making it free, that is very kind/generous. I hope to knit along with you guys, but I'm kinda crap with following through on the knit alongs. (easily distracted and all.)