Monday, December 29, 2014

Cats and mousers

.. and back to the knitting.

The company I work for has a large network of offices south of the border. As such, I have a colleague based in San Diego, who's role is very similar to mine. Despite being more than 4,000 km apart, we work quite closely (ah the wonders of the internet age!). We are very close in age, are both cat people, and I like her very much

On December 21st, she gave birth to her first child - a little girl. I've been planning on knitting a blanket for a while, but with Christmas, I'd decided to put it off until after the baby was born. A blanket is not like a sweater - it's going to take a little longer for baby to outgrow it.
The pattern is Kittens and Butterflies, though I've modified it a little. The pattern isn't charted, and my brain has problems following long written out directions.

I'm knitting it in some Patons Weekender Cotton mom gave me a while back. Not only is it nice and washable, since babies are gross - but I figured it was more ideal for the Californian climate.

I just hope it can keep my interest now that I'm through with the kittens...

In other feline news - after eight years, someone has decided she's a mighty huntress.
She brought this to me at 2 a.m. the other morning (I was still awake - damn you Candy Crush!)

Dave's been getting mad at her for opening the cupboards under the kitchen sink (because of course, she never closes them when she's done). He was convinced she was after the garbage. I was pretty sure she was looking for mice, but he didn't want to believe me.

I guess she's getting a big apology when he gets home.


Anonymous said...

That look on her face says, "I TOLD YOU SO, DAVE!!!"


Congrats to your little game hunter.

kathy b said...

Gorgeous Blanket....GOOD GOOD KITTY!!!!

Araignee said...

At least your mousie is in one piece. You wouldn't believe the mess I cleaned up the other day. Ugh.....
The blankie is adorbs. Lucky baby!

Nancy Kay said...

The baby blanket is going to be adorable! What a great pattern! Three cheers for the mouser! Way to go!

lexa said...

That's quite the expression on her face, lol. "Told ya!"