Sunday, December 28, 2014

Doll house

Yes... more toys... it is Christmas. afterall!

Just before Christmas day, I was in Shoppers (For my non-Canadian friends, it's a large health/beauty/pharmacy chain) finishing up my Christmas shopping. It's a large chain that is trying to compete with Wal-Mart and the larger groceries stores, and is much more than just a pharmacy - including a wide selection of gift cards for other stores, which is what I went in to get. But of course, at Christmas-time, they also have a fair selection of toys....
Yes... I came home with toys for myself... (but I did get my gift cards!!!) and in my defense, Shoppers has a loyalty program, and I had enough points saved up to get them for free. Three more  beauties for my Monster High Collection.... Rochelle Goyle (Gargoyle) Venus McFlytrap, and Honey Swamp (daughter of the Louisiana Swamp monster)

As always, I love the dolls for the details - it must be so fun being a designer there.
Rochelle has these cure little ears...
And stone wings of course.
but it's the Cathedral-inspired shoes that kill me.
And matching handbag! I need these in real life!!!

Venus has beautiful detailing on her whole body, but I love her face
And they don't miss a thing
Leaf-shaped ears and botanical jewelry.

Honey's details are just as good
Alligator heels... and like any proper southern lady
Pearls! (and check out the web-hands!)
....and more pearls! Admittedly, I had to have Honey because of her hair!

For now, all the girls are up on the top of the computer desk
When Dave gets home, he's going to build me a shelf for them. And I really need to work on getting my patterns published for them... and I guess I should look into getting at least one of the monster high boys..... oh dear...


Dee said...

Oh my! Only ONE boy? That could end up being like an episode of The Bachelor. ;-)

Araignee said...

I love those dolls. If I had room I would have them too but my my giant collection of LOTR action figures takes up all the non-wool space available. I'm glad I'm not the only geek collector in the wooly world.

kathy b said...

kind of creepy beautiful!!!!