Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Swan princess

Yes, I've gone and done it... I've cast on another Cygnus. Well... actually a Cygnet.

I wanted to knit a quick cardigan to put in with the warm woolies for Nora, and Cygnus just seemed like the perfect style.

So, here I am, designing a child's version. While the adult is done in fingering, the child is done in DK. I'm using Twinkle Cat DK (because SPARKLES!!!). I'm just waiting on Nora's daddy to get back to me with her measurements. I don't want to go to all this trouble and not have it fit.

Cygnet should be released at the same time as Cygnus. And with any luck, it will include sizes for baby to pre-teen.


kathy b said...

It looks complex. And lovely

Anonymous said...

Little Nora is going to be TOTALLY spoiled with hand knits! LOL

Don't forget to get photos of her in her finery. I'll be she is going to be adorable in that sparkly pink.

Araignee said...

Adorable! It's so pretty in pink.

RobinH said...

Sparkly pink knit! You will be the most awesome aunt ever.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh, soooo pretty and feminine!!

elns said...

Sparkle sweater? Mini sized? You are so awesome.