Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Kaboodle is a hoot!

I'm on a roll with the Christmas presents!

In an effort to find the holiday decorations, I ended up cleaning up the studio (which was atrocious). That meant I could finally not only see my sewing machine, but actually have room to use it. So on Sunday, I took a couple of hours and settled in to make a Kitten Kaboodle for one of my gift recipients.
I've said it before - my favourite thing about making these is picking out coordinating fabrics. I got these ones online. But here's a little warning about buying fabric online... while the service was fast and efficient, and the fabric was exactly as described... I almost didn't have enough. It was the full half yard I ordered, but with the way it was cut, I could have run into some serious trouble. Those owls only go one way, and the fabric was just tall enough for the pattern piece! Unfortunately, you can't see how it's cut when you order online. It all worked out in the end, but just barely.

But back to the bag. It sewed up well, and I remembered to take my time and use lots of pins.
I think I've finally got enough practice to start making these for the shop (once I find some time.) And I've perfected tag placement!
Hopefully I can get some in the shop in the new year, because they are so darn cute
Just add a skein of yarn and they are the perfect present for a knitter!


Anonymous said...

It IS a hoot! Love that owl fabric, but then again ....if it's owl, I LOVE it. :-)

Cute bag.

Rachelle said...

I love the fabric for that bag! I have a thing for owls, and foxes and cats and sheep and ...
I now need to get back to cleaning my studio, there are things that need to be done (including a certain border) and I only have today and tomorrow child-free!

kathy b said...

Beautiful! I love your pattern duos.

Araignee said...

Perfect is right! You can never have enough pretty project bags.

Chrisknits said...

They are adorable!!