Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Challenge accepted!!!

Okay - you guys win again. I'm going to try my darnedest to get both Cygnus and Old Town done before February 17. I'm not sure how my schedule will work, or exactly where we will be staying, but it should be somewhere near the office. I did some quick research, and the office is a 20 minute transit ride from the Old Town sign (I tell you - Google maps is an amazing thing! What did we ever do without it?)

And from where I'm sitting at the moment, the challenge is pretty doable.
I've made good progress on Cygnus. As of last night, I was at 7 inches on the body.
If I keep at her, it's conceivable she'll be done by the end of the weekend.

Old Town is the bigger part of the challenge, that's for sure.
Not only is she not as far along, but she's longer, with full-length sleeves. However, she is knit in heavier yarn on a slightly bigger needle. And if I complete Cygnus on time, it leaves me a full four weeks to get her done.

And as for Dave's poor scarf. If I'm honest, I've totally fallen out of love with it. And we returned the leather coat I got him for Christmas (too small). The one we got him instead doesn't match the scarf colours as well. And he needs new jeans far more than he needs a new scarf, so that's probably what he'll get for Valentine's day. It's looking like poor scarf is heading to the frog pond.


elns said...

I'm so excited for your challenge. I love watching how fast you knit these amazing items AND find it in you to design. Are you really knitting the rainbow tam too?!? Ugh, you're makin' me look bad as I'm trying to finish some stupid edging on my bulky cardigan ;) I kid.

You got this. I love the challenge and having a REAL Old Town Chicago photo shoot is too cool. Can you hear that? I'm cheering you on!!

Samantha said...

You can do it!!

Rachelle said...

You're a speedy knitter so I think you may well manage it.
On Dave's scarf, if it's not going to match his wardrobe then probably time to rethink. Not much point making something that won't get worn.

Araignee said...

I'm cheering you on!!!!

RobinH said...

I'm with the crowd, you can do it! And I'm kind of bummed about the scarf- it was gorgeous! But hey, you've got the pics to remember it by, and can instead do projects you're feeling the love for.

As for what we did before Google maps? Road atlases and paper maps. Slower, but I never forgot to charge them before leaving on a trip....

kathy b said...

See you there! i am at the frog pond today too!
I love your current knits. The lace is so lovely