Friday, January 30, 2015

Sparkle, sparkly, twink!

The car is still down so I've been working from home all week. And yesterday, I was very thankful.
The storm that my east coast friends endured earlier this week finally made it to us, albiet in a much weakened state. We only got a few inches, but it was that very fine, wet snow that makes the roads nice and greasy. I'm very glad I didn't have to drive.

But, this morning we woke up to a nice, bright, winter wonderland... so pretty!
It almost makes me want to put on a snow suit and go tobogganing. Since my town has banned tobogganing, I think I'll just stay in and knit.

I got the first sleeve of Old Town finished
I'm still not loving her. But fret not, there is someone on my Christmas list who she will suit perfectly. But since I'm no longer feel like I'm knitting her for myself, I just don't have the drive to finish her at the moment. I will.. just to get it done and off my plate... but right now, I'm giving myself a few days respite.

Yesterday, I cast on for my Color Affection
This is a crazy simple pattern. I think the hardest part is choosing your colours and the deciding which order to use them in. I just hope the colour changes keep me from getting too bored... it's a lot of garter stitch! But the Twinkle helps.... just look at it twink!


Nancy Kay said...

One sleeve is completed already? It's looking very nice!!

Hmmm...I'm wondering what the new project is all the sparkle!

elns said...

Looking good! I like that first photo a lot. Your Color Affection is going to wonderful. I pulled too hard on my edges and it's a frog ponder. I ended up with an unintended ruffle (insert sad face here). It's a lot of garter stitch, but you have other things you can switch off to keep your mojo going!

Araignee said...

I just a report on the news about how many places are banning sledding. It seems towns pay out big bucks for injuries.
Color Affection is a mindless slog of a project but it's so worth it in the end.

Rachelle said...

That twinkle is definitely upping the ante on the pretty. I have to say I'm glad we don't have the option to sue for accidents over here, tends to reduce the overreaction to accidents. Though they did ban bull rush for quite a few years; that was annoying.