Thursday, January 22, 2015

The bad, the worse, and the okay

The bad:
My dreams of prancing in Old Town on a photo shoot - at least this February - have been dashed.
It turns out that the coworker who was going to travel with me is no longer going, so we can't head over after our flight lands on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are completely booked up with work stuff, and I'll likely be flying out first thing Friday morning. I'm going to harass one of my favourite Sales guys - he's a Chicago native, now living in L.A.... and if our flights land around the same time, I might be able to sweet talk him into going.... but otherwise, I'll have to try again some other trip.

I am still working to get  her done, on the slim chance the chips all fall into place.

The worse:
Well... it's looking... unless there's some great miracle in the next 48 hours....
Likely my dear, sweet Stella is going to the great big scrap yard in the sky. It turns out it was not the cheap, easy fix we'd hoped... but most likely the very large, very expensive turbo booster failing again. Yes... that very same part that I had fixed last March. Now, the part itself should still be under warranty (the mechanic is double checking that), but the labour that goes along with it is not. And it's a big job. At least half of what I paid out in March, which is more than is worth putting into her. The odometre is pushing 250,000 km, there are a few other small issues with her that will eventually turn into big issues...

I'll know more on Friday (the mechanic still has to take things apart to confirm his diagnosis), but last night I snuggled up with Tux and had a good cry. Ridiculous to cry over a dead car, I know.... but I really love that damn car.

The okay:
One thing that is going right at least... my knitting. Even though I'm stuck at home, and I'm not taking lunch breaks, I'm still trying to devote an hour a day to Dave's socks. Especially since either way it goes (car repair or new car), I won't have money to buy him jeans for Valentine's Day. So.... these socks now have a deadline!


kathy b said...

we do get attached to our cars! So Sorry about yours.
I LOVE the socks though

Chrisknits said...

Sorry to hear of it's diagnosis. I don't have special feelings for my car, but a big repair expense would be enough to send me crying.

elns said...

I'm so sorry about your car! I hope that the stars align and you get your photo shoot in Old Town.

I'm really bummed for you about the car, aside from really liking your car it's such an expensive inconvenience. I send you good automotive energies whatever your next vehicle relationship is.

The socks are awesome.

Samantha said...

:( It's okay to cry about a dead car. I cried about the yellow Chevette. A Chevette... Yeah. So no judging from me.

The socks are awesome!!

Too bad about the Old Town shoot. Maybe it'll come out as planned.

Araignee said...

Oh, sorry to hear about Stella. I totally get it. I can't bear to part with Mini even though I know I can't afford her in her old age.
Those socks look great. They are going to make an awesome gift.

Rachelle said...

That is not good news for the wee lass, I can understand why you love her, she has personality (my car has none).
The socks are looking good though, small rainbow?

Nancy Kay said...

So sorry about the "bad" and the "worse"! Darn it, anyway. Thank goodness for cuddly kitties and knitting. The sock is looking fantastic, by the way.

Knatolee said...

SUckage about the car, but I do love the sock!

Delusional Knitter said...

Its not ridiculous at all, it sucks! Sorry to hear the bad news. However, that sock yarn is deliciously Halloweeny ... what is it???