Monday, January 19, 2015

Rocky got his wish

Over the weekend, the temperature shot up a bit. By Sunday, it was a few degrees above freezing, and most of the snow melted from the yard. That meant a certain someone was yowling even more than normal...
"Could it really be? Or is this just some cruel trick???"
"It doesn't feel that warm, but all the cold white stuff is gone, so maybe I'll just give it a try..."
"Oooooh it's still cold... but.... is that what I think it is???"
"Yaaaay!!!! Grass!!! I haven't been able to barf anything up on the blond guy's pillow for weeks!!!!"

In addition to cat vomit, the mild weather does have one other downside.
These muddy little tracks ended up through the entire house... it's a good thing I already had plans to mop. (And we won't tell Rock that the temps are dropping again, and there is more snow on the way...)


kathy b said...

Same thing here. Magpie (pie) is on the porch now enjoying the 30s. She hasn't run back to the window yet to come back in. A record for 2015

Araignee said...

The nice weather came our way today! They are talking about cold and snow again on Wednesday though. :(

Nancy Kay said...

I kind of feel like Rocky... surely it must be getting close to spring and time spent outside!! Sorry, Rocky. The forecasters are saying otherwise!!

elns said...

I love The Adventures of Rocky the great, well minus the vomit, but the paw prints are kinda cute, since you know, it's not my house ;)

Delusional Knitter said...

I love a good Rocky in the Wild sighting!