Sunday, January 18, 2015

The long road to Old Town

As soon as Cygnus Two was on the blocking board, the plan was to turn my attention to Old Town and make some good headway on it for the rest of Saturday.

Someone else had other plans though....
He's currently sleeping off a rough night. About once every couple of months, he runs into some... digestive issues. The result is me following him around for a few hours with a roll of paper towels, trying to keep him corralled to areas that are easily cleaned. After it's all over, he needs to be cleaned up and then snuggled because he gets very distressed by the whole thing.

And while I'm glad it always seems to happen when I'm home and can do damage control, it does take a bite out of knitting time.

As a result... Old Town is not as far along as I would have hoped.
In fact, it doesn't look that much different than the last time I showed it to you.

It is a couple inches longer though
But I've got many, many more to go!


Samantha said...

Aww, poor Tux.

Araignee said...

Poor sweet thing. It's always time well spent when a critter needs care.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tux. He does look very happy to be with his Mama though.

Nancy Kay said...

Ah yes, Tux needs your loving attention. But Old Town is coming along...beautifully!

Rachelle said...

My first cat Chloe used to have times where she'd eat and then lose it pretty quickly; she didn't much like it either. She did enjoy cuddles afterwards though, just like your Tux.