Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Thank you to everyone for your kind words about Rocky. It's a testament to how big a part of my life this blog is when you're standing there after the vet gives you the news and leaves to let it sink in, and one of the thoughts that runs through your head is "How am I going to tell Ellen and Dee?" They are people who've never met me, never met Rocky, but their love for the furry boy came right through the computer screen.

And I apologize to anyone I made cry at work. I too read  blogs in the office between projects, and have found myself choked up over a post about a lost pet and struggled to regain composure before a coworker noticed and you have to explain that you're crying over an internet cat. I feel you - I totally do.

And as for life at the studio...
 ... it marches on. We're trying to adjust the best we can. These first days are always the hardest.

But, when life's got you down, there's only one thing you can do...
I realized I actually have more time than I thought to complete the Foxy sock, so the past few days I've only been working on the cropped cardi. I've just needed something mindless and meditative to get me through and colourwork was not it.
As a result.... well you can see for yourself. I've got a few inches to go before I start on the ribbing. The bottom ribbing will be done in the chocolate brown Barn Cat. Whatever is left of the handspun will be divided up to make the sleeves as long as I possibly can - at this point, I'm thinking they will probably end up as halvsies.


Araignee said...

When I lost Dear Old Doggie the kids bought me a huge basket and filled it full of junk food. I knit and ate my way through my grief which completely gobsmacked me with its intensity. It was such a huge hole to fill in my life. It just amazes me how we get so attached to our furry little friends. I'm still not sure if it's a curse or a blessing.

Anonymous said...

That cardi is SO pretty.

I actually DID cry a bit over Rocky --- I was sitting in jury duty when I heard the sad news. Yes ............I sure did love that sweet, bad boy.

But what happened after just made me sadder still ---- I was driving home from jury duty when a very small kitten hit the HOOD of my car. I screeched to a stop, but ran over top of him. I don't think I hit him. I pulled quickly to the side, jumped out --- car still running and tried to chase down this very tiny kitten. He ran like lightning --- but I caught up to him hissing, spitting and slashing --- went to grab him and he took off again.

So, I go back to my car when I realize that the ONLY way this kitten could have hit the HOOD of my car is that the guy in front of me THREW HIM OUT THE CAR WINDOW!!!!!!


The thing that comforts me a bit is that this kitten sure could run. Hopefully, someone in the apartment complex will find it and take it in. I think it was so scared from its ordeal that I never would have been able to pick it up.

You can bet MY kitty got a bigger hug than usual when I got home.

Bridget said...

That's the thing - life goes on. You don't get over it, you just eventually get used to it. Knitting definitely helps. And having kitty cats to kiss.

Take care.

elns said...

I'm very okay with my love of Rocky. I think my reaction and grief at work made me understand myself a little more even. So you know, he really is a magical cat.

I'm glad you've all got each other during this adjustment period and yes, knitting.

I am totally "borrowing" that Dory image.

The Chocolate brown barn cat is knitting up very lovely. Get your knit on, girl. xoxo

kathy b said...

awww yes the first days are really really difficult.

Your sweater is gorgeous. Love how the shading is working up.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Grrrr, that makes me so mad! Thanks for attempting rescue.