Saturday, April 2, 2016

Moving right along

Finally... after discovered a multi-hour documentary on Prohibition, (Thank-you PBS) I feel like I'm getting somewhere on the lace tunic
I was able to finish up the last few edge repeats, pick up all the stitches for the main body, and even got three repeats of the main lace pattern done. Only 17 more to go, then I'll be onto the sleeves.

Oh - and just incase you've never seen the difference blocking can make to a piece of lace...

This is the same amount of knitting - blocked on the left, unblocked on the right. Lace is never finished until it's been blocked.


Araignee said...

That is such a pretty pattern and your choice of color is perfect!

Chrisknits b said...

So pretty. I am amazed at the people who don't block their lace shawls. Why put all that effort into it if you aren't going to let it shine!