Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Some of you already know, but before I picked up the knitting needles, I was an avid artist.  Throughout my childhood, I was never far from a pencil. Mom knew the easiest way to occupy me was to give me a stack of paper, and something to draw with.

As the years progressed, I tended to stick with my favourite medium - coloured pencils. Though I've been known to do the odd watercolor now and again.

But then I found knitting. And you all know how hard that bug can bite. Over the past decade, I'm lucky if I pick up the pencils once a year (other than the odd doodling during boring work meetings.) But lately, maybe because of the low knitting mojo, I've been getting the itch to scratch out a few drawings.

So on Sunday, I dusted off my art supplies (literally), selected a photo for inspiration...
... and set to work
Not terrible - but I am definitely rusty. I actually made her look a little like her sister.... but it has been a while.

At least I managed to get my coloured pencils sorted once again
Let's see if I can give them a workout at least once a week.


Araignee said...

Nice!!! I have an art degree and gave it all up when the yarn bug bit. I'm not even good at doodling anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good job. I look forward to seeing what you draw. I remember when you had drawings on your blog quite regularly.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Oh Wow! You done good! You can definately draw!

kathy b said...

Beautiful work! I can't even sketch stick figures! Keep going!

Knatolee said...

Your art is great! Keep it up!