Monday, April 25, 2016


As mentioned yesterday, I've started a new project.

I really shouldn't have. Not only are the Fox socks on a deadline, but I promised myself that I wouldn't start another garment until the lace tunic was finished.

But then I saw this post over at Canary Knits.

And I've had this skein of Mom's handspun staring me in the face since Christmas
That's 675 yards of BFL silk that she spun for me. I knew as soon as I saw it, it was destined for something more than a shawl or socks.

Then I discovered the KAL and it all became clear.... Friday I cast on.
Of course, I'm modding it from a pullover to a cardigan. (I'm just a cardigan kinda girl and it will work well with my dresses.) And since 675 yards probably isn't enough for the whole project, I've paired with with a skein of Barn Cat (colour is Milk Chocolate).

Mom's spinning, my dying, a cropped cardi, and a flirty swing dress.....perfection!


Chrisknits b said...

I couldn't imagine anything captuting your attention from those adorable fox socks!! But now I see I was wrong. I love the yarn pairing, can't wsit yo see the finish.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

As fast as you knit socks I wouldn't worry about that deadline! LOL This yarn is gorgeous! I'm totally a tweedy kind of gal....I can't wait to see that cardigan.

kathy b said...

What a great distraction. Love the browns together. I wish I had the cardi bug!

RobinH said...

Gorgeous! I love the way the colors blend in that handspun- and a good choice of yarn to pair with it, too.

Araignee said...

Yes! Perfection is right.

Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL yarn!!! WOWZA!