Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rockster Weewiggles - 2007-2016

I am very sorry to have to share this with you, but yesterday morning, we had to say goodbye to our dear, sweet, fool of cat, Rocky.

I was a little concerned about him before the weekend, as he was constipated. It was an issue we'd had with him before, and since he was still eating and drinking, purring and screaming at me to let him outside every five minutes,  I wasn't overly worried.

That changed on Sunday night, his breathing was off and he wasn't quite himself. I got up first thing Monday morning to call the vet. He saw the same vet who did Tux's surgery, and she was quite alarmed by his breathing. After a full exam she gave me the bad news - his intestines were full of masses (which explained the reoccurring constipation), his right lung wasn't working, and the left one wasn't in good shape - whatever was in his intestines had spread. While we were talking, his breathing got even worse. We just didn't have any other options
He didn't have a long life - just nine years. But he had a good one - absolutely spoiled and loved. And in returned he taught me many lessons, the way only a cat can.

Persistence pays off
Dave was not happy to come home and discover I'd brought home another family member without consulting him. But Rocky's persistence, and sweetness soon won him over. No matter how much Dave tried to remain aloof and ignore him, he just couldn't. And when we had to say goodbye to Mopar, Rocky stepped up to comfort Dave, and quickly became "his" cat.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease
Rocky had no problem letting us know what he wanted, and that he wanted it RIGHT now. Whether it was outside, cat treats, or just a snuggle, if you speak up, you get it.

Always use the buddy system - especially around water.
It only takes seconds to drown (even in the tub), and you don't really need to poop alone - you never know what could happen.

Enjoy the simple things in life
A box is never just a box. A plastic bag makes a fantastic blanket, and tissue paper provides hours of fun.

It's not about the destination, it's the journey
And every failure teaches you something new. (Going to miss that bumwiggle this summer)

Sometimes, we all need to be pampered

And always, always soak it up when the sun is shining
Because life is short

I'm glad he got to see one last spring
And when we said goodbye and he breathed his last breath, it was by a big window, looking out on the spring flowers and robins.... with maybe a rabbit or two passing by in the field.

Good bye Rocky Boy
It was short, but oh so sweet.


Mo said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Rocky had a lot of character and did as he pleased in his home where he was truly loved and cared for by his parents and kitty siblings.
My thoughts are with you, Dave and the kitties during this difficult time.

Araignee said...

So incredibly sorry. This is a beautiful tribute to the sweet guy whose antics will be missed by all that pass this way.

Erin Heather said...


Lorraine said...

I am so sorry. What a wonderful tribute. Goodbye sweet boy.

Seajaes said...

Oh my I'm so sorry. I know how your heart is aching. We had to put my dear Rosie to sleep 3 weeks ago. I miss her so much as we had her 14 years. It is awful when they get sick. Hugs to you.

Samantha said...

A beautiful tribute for a beautiful boy. <3

Bridget said...

I think you have said everything I would want to say about a sweet kitty. It's not the number of years, it's what those years meant. And to breathe your last with those you love is an honor and a gift that only the luckiest of us, feline or otherwise, are given.

God bless Rocky and all of you. Everyone in our house (furry and otherwise) will say a special prayer tonight. I'm glad he is back to being his happy and healthy self with lots of those who love him while he waits for the rest of you.

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

That last picture ----- OH MY ---- I cry along with you for your loss. But, in the tears is also some laughter.

I too never get to poop alone. LOL (What IS IT with that?????)

Hugs to you sweet friend --- I wouldn't share this with the others, but you KNOW Rocky was ALWAYS my favorite!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

So sorry for your loss. I will miss him in your posts. I'm so glad he had such a wonderful life with you.

elns said...

Geezus. I had to go into a coworker's cube and gain my composure because I'm crying at work.

It's a beautiful post to a beautiful cat whom I apparently had a lot of affection for. More than I realized. I loved pictures of his cool squishiness. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your tales of his backyard kingdom adventures and his sweetness with his cat and human family.

I will miss him. I already do.

I'm sorry for your loss, but so grateful you had him and shared him with us.

Delusional Knitter said...

Words can't express how sorry I am for your loss. He was such a character and I loved seeing his life. This is a lovely tribute.

kathy b said...

Oh that is so young for a cat life. I'm so so sorry. I'll miss seeing his sweet face in your yard. It is so hard when they pass. BIG hugs to you all

lexa said...

Misty eyed!!! XO :(

RobinH said...

Oh, poor Rocky. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll miss seeing him on your blog.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I am so sorry for your loss. We are also grieving at the loss of our Mookie two weeks ago. Kitties have a way of stealing our hearts, don't they?

Kathy Roletter said...

Reading about your difficult decision brought me to tears...it's never easy, even though it's the right thing & the moral thing & the kindest thing to do for our faithful friends. My nearly 19 yo cat Sydney is on her last legs & I dread the day when I get The Sign That It's Time. Your Rocky had a charmed life & was well loved...that's some consolation for you.
Hugs! Kathy :o)

Unknown said...

As the mom of more furry children than I am willing to admit, my heart hurts for you. It's always so hard to have to make the decision that it's time for them to go, but such a loving thing to be able to do. Run free where there's always sun and no snow, Rocky!

Rachelle said...

I hadn't realised just how bad it was for him from your posts elsewhere, I'm glad he was loved so well and that he passed with you by his side; that means a lot. No doubt he'll keep an eye on you guys from his new home.

Judy S. said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty. That's so hard. If you can find the book Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant, it will help. Big hugs.

Chrisknits b said...

I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He was such a lovely boy. May you find peace in your memories of this special pet.