Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nursery time

As if a reminder that life goes on, things continue to grow in my little "nursery"
If I'm honest, my enthusiasm for the garden has waned a little with Rocky's passing. It's hard to get excited about planting knowing he won't be out there keeping an eye on me. I'm sure the feeling will pass and I'll feel better about it in a week or two. So I'll keep watering and tending.

All the Dollar store bulbs are doing great.
 The Dahlias are growing quickly. The will remain in these pots, and as soon as our frost date has past, they'll live on the back patio
The Irises, however, may need to go into the ground soon - frost date or not. They are getting too big for their pot. I started them in pots, just to save them from the squirrels. The last time I planted summer bulbs directly in the garden, the only thing that the squirrels didn't eat was the Gladiolus.
The Sparaxis is almost as big as the Irises
And the Anemones have these cool, curling leaves.

And check out my spinach sprouts!
That's some crazy looking spinach.

I know I told you about the surprise garlic in the garden, but I didn't mention that I planted some in a pot too.
I've read that garlic will do quite well in a pot if its deep enough, so we'll see.

Outside, the weather cooled a bit, so there's been no more blooms... just lots and lots of dandelions
But they still bring a smile...


Anonymous said...

Those dandelions sure make the bees happy!

Araignee said...

Losing someone does take the wind put of your sails for a long time. All you can do is put one foot in front of the other and carry on as best you can. His memorial garden is going to be spectacular. I can't help but believe his little spirit will somehow connect in your special place.

Bridget said...

Things look good. And remember, Rocky would be disappointed if you didn't plant your garden. Just because he can't snooper-vise in person, doesn't mean he isn't still in charge. ;-)

The Well Fed Wheel said...

He will be right out there with you in spirit and that garden is just the place for all your special Rocky memories to shine through.

kathy b said...

Awww, hugs again today to you all. Our critters eat all the tulip bulbs. They leave daffodils alone.
They also take all the sunflower shoots and the grackles have been known to uproot seedlings too