Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday felines

The saga continues
"What...??? I'm just trying to get a little sun here."
Look closely.. he's got his paw tucked around one of the rosettes. It's a good thing Sedum is tough, and he doesn't weigh that much.

Now the poor Columbine under his butt.... that's another story.
"Sorry man..., was time to turn over and do the other side."

Seriously cat... you're pushing my buttons.
 "FINE!!! I'll lay over here...."


....and meanwhile in Rockyland....
 "This is better... but my bum is still a little damp."


Araignee said...

My Hoover rolls in the dirt like a little piggie. He's always covered in debris. I've never seen a cat do that. I thought cats were fussy and liked to be clean.

Anonymous said...


Oh you naughty kitties!

kathy b said...

Well it is their garden too!! THink of all the plant eating rodents they must scare away. !!!