Thursday, August 18, 2016

Garden treasures

A few treasures from the garden this week:
The Foxglove, despite being pretty broken when I bought it, has bounced back and is performing beautifully now. 
It's sent up several new bloom stems, so I should have flowers right into fall.
Without Tux around, the catnip has flourished. It's blooming again too - such tiny little flowers. I had to cut it back because it was taking over the gardens.
The roses are all doing really well, but Chicago Peace is really showing off this year. Most of the flowers are a light peachy-pink, but the other day I came out to this vibrant beauty.
The surprise sunflowers are doing really well. Half the height of the fence now.
The Butterfly bush has started to bloom. It's not doing as well as last year, but at least it's blooming. I'm hoping it will bounce back next spring.

And while I lost most of the blackberries to a fungus...  I got a few, and they are ripening nicely.
 Another Anemone has bloomed - and this confirms it - I got some sort of weird double-blooming version. I'm not complaining - it's beautiful - just not what was advertised on the package.

Have you ever planted something that turned out different than what you were expecting?


Araignee said...

Lovely! Everything turns out differently for me because I can't seem to keep anything alive.

Anonymous said...

Foxgloves always remind me of my grandfather. He hads lots of those in his garden.

I get lots of surprises with my orchids. I buy "bare-root" and because people at shows don't always put thing back where they got them, you get surprises!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I love all the flowers! Treasure those blackberries! They are so expensive in the stores and not as sweet I'm sure.

RobinH said...

Yes, absolutely. I occasionally plant something that lives. It's always a surprise!