Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The beginning of the end

While the days may be hot and muggy, I know autumn is creeping up on us. Not by the calendar (September is only a week away!), but by the Sedum.
In a week or two it will be in full bloom.
And while my blackberry harvest was bust, I'm going to have a bumper crop of autumn raspberries. It's looking like there will be even more than we had in the summer crop.
My tomato harvest remains pitiful. We had about six yellow pear tomatoes and these two grape tomatoes. I think next year, I'll stick to my cherry tomatoes. They never dissapoint.
The bumblers have been out in full force, gathering up whatever pollen they can before the cold weather sets in.
They love the Foxglove too, which is blooming quite nicely.

While I don't generally like to rush summer, this one has been so hot and uncomfortable the last two months, that I have to say it - I'm really looking forward to fall!


Anonymous said...

You must, must, MUST post many fall photos! I shall live vicariously through you and all the other northern bloggers.

(where the summer NEVER ends!)

Araignee said...

Everything was a bust here this year. What a terrible summer. I'm sure glad I'm not a farmer.

Rachelle said...

Whereas over here we're just starting to see the occasional bee making a foray out on those warmer days and the crocus and narcissi are in full bloom saying spring is almost here. It's been cold today, more noticeable after reaching 18 degrees on Sunday!