Monday, August 8, 2016

More Kwestions from KathyB

*Ice cubes or fake cubes?
I like real ones. Even if they water down my drink. Dave loves ships, so a few years back I found an ice cube tray that makes frozenTitanics an icebergs. It’s fun to see them floating/sinking in your drink. 

*Shawls or Stole? 
To knit, I prefer a shawl. To wear, I prefer a stole.
My Magpie shawl/stole
 *Campfire or fireplace fire
That’s a tough one. Let’s go campfire in the summer, and fireplace in the winter.

*Blanket: fringe or border?
Border – the fringe always gets up my nose when I’m snuggling – and it’s just one more thing for certain kitties to play with and pull the blanket apart faster.
Who me?
 *Suet or Seed?
Both. Suet for the blue jays and woodpeckers, and seed for the finches.

*Mt. Rushmore or Statue of Liberty?
Never been to either (though I’d like to see both), but I’m guessing I’d prefer Mt. Rushmore just for the non-city location. 

*Beret pattern or headband?
Beret all the way. I got enough of headbands in the early ‘90s.
My Twyla beret

 *USPS or Fed Ex?
Well it’s Canada Post here, but I’m not particularly a fan of FedEx. Service might be fast, but they don’t seem to care where they drop the parcel (i.e. in plain view of the street where anyone can just come up and grab it)

*Knit on a screen porch or knit on a beach?
The beach is nice once in a while, but for me the porch would be more practical and comfortable.
My fantasy porch


Anonymous said...

I'll join you on that fantasy porch. It looks lovely and relaxing!

Araignee said...

Oh, that porch! What I wouldn't give.....

kathy b said...

Oh that porch looks divine!! I dont like sand in my yarn, so Porch for me too

elns said...

I always like to read your answers. I am a real ice cuber as well. If my freezer wasn't such a cluster I would consider cute ice cube trays. hehe. Ships eh? (goes off to google...)

Rachelle said...

I love that porch!

RobinH said...

There ought to be Canadian edition questions- like instead of Statue of Liberty Mt Rushmore, you would have to answer "Chateau Frontenac vs. Banff National Park?" (Me, I love Quebec, but it would have to be Banff....So. Amazingly. Gorgeous!)

Chrisknits b said...

That swing!!! Yes, I need it in my life. I have told Hubster I want a swing on my porch, got the supports for it the last house we built, but never got the swing. This house doesn't have the porch room, next house WILL HAVE A SWING!