Saturday, August 27, 2016


There's always something going on in my little backyard, and as you know, I quite enjoy the comings and goings of our little visitors.

The White Cabbage Butterflies are regular visitors. 
While I wish we'd see a few different butterflies, I'm always happy to see these guys flitting about.

The raspberries have been a popular destination for a variety of pollinators including this Mud Dauber and his Bumble bee friend
We've had quite a few paper wasps too.. but thankfully they haven't been aggressive or bothersome.
Be careful when you lean into smell the roses
You never know who you're going to find in there (in this case, a yellow sac spider.)

And speaking of spiders
This fuzzy little jumping spider found a comfy spot under the mailbox.

And I didn't actually get to meet this last visitor
 But he left me his shell to let me know he stopped by. He and all his other Cicada friends have been spending the last few weeks serenading us. Sometimes there's so many of them out there, it sounds like there are rattlesnakes in the trees!


Araignee said...

I woke up the other morning to find lots of dead cicadas on the deck. I have no idea why so many of them decided to come to my house to die. The outside cats looked innocent enough when questioned but I'm wondering it they carried them up there as a "gift".

kathy b said...

That spider is creepy creepy creepy! ! ARG~~ I usually dont mind spiders!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

So that's what a cicada looks like....I always hear them but haven't seen one up close and personal like that. Wow! They're really ugly. :-)

RobinH said...

Have you seen the photos of paper wasp nests when the wasps have access to colored paper? So cool!