Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Questions, answers and all that jazz

I have been knitting, but its all boring old garter stitch, so I've nothing interesting to show.
So here's some answer to KathyB's questions instead:

1- Have you ever won an award? 

As kids we entered the local fairs every year (baking and crafting), so I racked up quite a few ribbons. In school, I was rather studious so I got quite a few – notable ones include the Women’s Institute Speech Writing first prize (my speech was about the Lynx) in Grade 6; 
the French Award at “Graduation” in Grade 8 (this one wasn’t really due to me being exceptional, just that we’d moved across school board lines, and the board we’d moved into was a year behind the one I came from – so really, I’d already done all the work; and Grade 12 (high school graduation), I won the Art award.

2- Do you like the baby blanket below? 

Not bad, though I’m not keen on the colours, and all that garter stitch would probably make me a little buggy. KathyB said it reminds her of Charlie Brown’s shirt…. But for that you need this. :)

3- What's your favorite gauge to knit in?

I tend to prefer a fingering weight. Though every once in a while, a chunky is nice for instant gratification.

4- Where was the best cup of coffee you ever enjoyed?

I don’t drink coffee. BLECH! Every once in a while, I’ll have an ice cappuccino from Tim Hortons, but I get annoyed  when they go too heavy on the coffee part.

5- Do you have a favorite family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations?

Our chocolate chip cookie recipe. I don’t even have the actual recipe any more. Mom taught it to us when we were kids (it was one of the things that got us ribbons at the fair), and I’ve made it so many times, that I don’t actually use measurements anymore. I just dump stuff in until I get the right consistency. Dave thinks its magic (though he prefers our peanut butter cookie recipe, which has been around just as long.)

6- Did you know you can have a conversation in the message section of Facebook with someone out of the country?

Yep. I use messenger with selected friends, though none are out of  the country at the moment.

7- Is it harder to send the kids to kindergarten or college?

I don’t have kids, though I imagine it’s hard for both. Of course, college probably isn’t as bad when they are going to one close to home like I did. Though when I moved out a couple of years later, apparently Mom did have a bit of a cry on the drive home (and I was only 15 minutes away.)

8- I think pattern are so much better written now than years ago.  Do you?

I think it depends on the pattern. I’ve come across some indie patterns which were terribly written, though I guess the majority are better – I don’t often see vague things like “Reverse shaping on opposite side” any more. They usually spell it out.

9- Ravelry really changed our craft and our communication. Do you have an old pattern that a family member passed down to you? 
I have several old pattern books (most are from Patons) from the '40s and '50s. I found they were fantastic for learning basic things like plain mitts and baby booties.
 Mom has quite a few old books in her library and I imagine they will be mine one day.

10- When is the last time you traveled with your pet in a car?

Bringing Rupert home from the shelter two months ago. He was very quiet. That’s one thing I’ve learned about him. When he’s upset, he doesn’t make a peep. When he’s content, he doesn’t shut up!


Anonymous said...

Seeing pictures of Rupert just warms my heart. He's such a cutie pie and he seems to have fit right into your home.

RobinH said...

The lynx is adorable- you were a cat person from the very beginning!

And I don't think my mom ever cried when I left home. As I was moving boxes out, she was stacking paint cans next to the bedroom door and saying, "At last, I'm going to have a sewing room! Robin, can you move those boxes a little faster?"

Araignee said...

He really looks at home now! Lucky kitty. It breaks my heart to see the kitties in the cages at PetSmart waiting for a home. I'd bring them all home if The Mister would let me.

elns said...

Your list is fabulous. I really got to know you! I like you, smarty pants! I would say knitters like you have made me embrace the fingering weight yarn like a crazy person. And yes, I still turn to the chunky for some instant gratification. I love the Rupert story as well. Good picture and we get a sense of his personality too. haha, you have a chatty kitty!