Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Home for a gnome

I've mentioned in a a few previous garden posts, that the tree garden got a bit of a makeover this year. Actually, it started last year, when I stuck a few bits of leftover ground-cover sedums in it. When everything else was dying in the high heat of summer, they were still looking fresh.

While having the garden there is nice, it's tough to keep things alive in it for long. The branches keep out most of the rain, and the tree roots suck any avaiable water up so quick there's nothing left for anything else.

But it's the perfect place for the sedum to shine. By spring, the handful of clumps I'd planted were well on their way to taking over. So I pulled out the remaining non-sedums (some dianthans, campanula, etc.), and bought some stonecrop, some iceplants, and hens and chicks... all succulents that would do well with the sedum.

And they have done well - far beyond my expectations
The sedums absolutely took over, filing in every inch. Of course, with the sedums, it's a much smaller scale than the previous garden, so I thought it would make the perfect home for...
A little wee gnome. He is making himself right cozy - as you can see he's already got a little bird bath.
And this lovely little bridge to travel to meet his little frog friend (who, incidentally, the squirrels feel quite fond of as well. They keep stealing him and I find him half buried a few days later.) He also has a little toadstool and a wee wishing well. I was hoping to do more for him, but much of that fairy garden gear is quite expensive! (Especially considering how small it all is!) Maybe next year.

For now he's just enjoying being out and about among the sedums
 Especially this lovely dark stonecrop!
Definitely need a few more of these next year.


Araignee said...

Isn't that sweet! I guess it's not funny that the squirrels keep burying him but I had to giggle at the thought-like an old Chip and Dale cartoon.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable place for a fairy garden.

kathy b said...

So cute@! I have no luck with sedum in my old house.....
perhaps here!
NOw there is all this blah blah about the gnomes Getting into trouble if they face the wrong direction.
After much ado, I place mine east towards MEcca. Some say he should look out away from your house.
SOme say dont make the gnome squint in the sun.
How do YOU face your gnome and why?

Rachelle said...

The sedums do look good, there's a place for everything to grow well and it looks like you've found their niche. I'm currently planning where I'll put the peas and sweet peas, went seed shopping online the other day and they arrived yesterday!

elns said...

The garden looks great. I love the makeover and I am a huge fan of gnomes and gnome puns. I may or may not have bought a gnome costume for Halloween that was disappointing but purchased in hope.