Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Half empty or half full?

It's hard to believe that my staycation is already half over. It's a good thing today was a pretty productive one, otherwise, I'd be feeling bad.

First up,  I finished the Silver Cardigan.

It's an absolutely adorable knit. When I started with the purple Fat Cat, my intentions were to use little yellow star buttons I had in my stash. The yellow didn't quite jive when I switched to the red yarn, but I had some little white hearts that would have worked. However, they weren't quite what I wanted. I started looking around and was almost sold on some little lady-bug buttons, but in the end - I really wanted this project to be a total stash project - so I dove back into the button jar and came out with these shiny red ones. I think they are much more classic than lady-bugs would have been.

After finishing the cardigan, there was a trip to the mail box where I found some yarn...
Gedifra Angora Merino. Now, I know I'm on a stashdown, but Nora's mom specifically requested booties and a bonnet in blue Angora, if I could manage it. She's already outgrown the little angora set I made her this spring. Since I didn't have any blue angora left - I had to seek an outside source.

There was another surprise in the mailbox too - this one for Dave.

The pants I ordered for the ceremony. This was a bit of a tricky one.
Dave's not the type to wear dress pants (he won't be wearing a tie either). And if I'm honest, they don't really suit him. I could force him into a pair for the ceremony - but I'd rather he be comfortable.

I think back to my brother's beach wedding - where he wore shorts and a short-sleeve dress shirt and it suited his personality so well. I wanted to do something similar for Dave.

So, after scouring the internet - I came across these funky pinstripe pants. The boot-cut with zipper, and skull buttons (which you can't see), give these pants just enough rock-n-roll umph - I think they are perfect for Dave.

Once the excitement of mail call was over, I tackled my housework - one chore of which was to clean out the cupboard under the stairs. There were no little boy-wizards hanging out in mine, but I did manage to get everything tidy and create easy access to my sewing machine.

You see - one of my main goals this week is to finish a project that has been lingering for years...
 My quilt. I've had the top done forever - it just needed to be layered, pinned and quilted. So, after cleaning my pantry, I got to the layering and pinning. Hopefully I can quilt it on Friday, and finish the binding on Saturday. If I can managed that, I'll count this staycation a success!

And, as you can see - Tux felt the need to help. I really didn't want his help - and actively discouraged it. But Tux is a stubborn kitty.

Of course, it's hard to stay mad at him when he's so darn snuggly.

I think he likes having me home for afternoon naps!


Frieda said...

I absolutely love that little cardie ;the colour , the buttons are perfect and it is just too cute ! Now I REALLY , REALLY want to knit one for Stella , if I can just figure out how to modify it to fit her.

Rachelle said...

That is a gorgeous wee cardie. The angora looks luffly too, so fluffy!
I need to get back to doing quilts, promised eldest one so his younger brother can have the dinosaur one back, that and our one is mostly finished on the blocks, just have to piece it, do the plain bits and then baste, quilt and bind. It's king size though, so might take a wee while.

Araignee said...

That little cardigan is so cute. I wish I had someone to make one for. Everyone I know is expecting boys.
Love the quilt too. I have a pile waiting for me to finish also. I love making the tops but when it comes time to finish them I run out of steam.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...kitty snuggles are pretty special. It makes up for a lot of kitty mischief.

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful sweater! Perfect pants for Dave. My hubby is the same way so we did somewhat dressy for our ceremony, but no tie. Love Tux, he reminds me of Willow, the only reason she's not dead yet is that she is super snuggly and gives smooches all the time, but she's oh so naughty!

Knatolee said...

I really love that cardigan, and the pants and the quilt!

Monika said...

That red cardi is adorable, and a wonderful choice of buttons!
I have a Quilt top lying around since 1996. :o) I hope you'll get yours done this week, it would feel great!
I love the pants for Dave too! I hope he does too.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

First, the cardigan is absolutely adorable! Love it. And the buttons are just perfect.

I can totally relate to your story about Dave's pants for the wedding. We got married in jeans and flip-flops so I splurged on a designer shirt for Gavin.

Now, about that quilt. Do you have access to a machine for that? Or do you send them out to be done? Can't wait to see and hear about this!

Anonymous said...

Your floofy kitteh is adorable. Nice quilt top and loving the baby sweater too.

lexa said...

LOVE the pants!

gayle said...

That little sweater is way too adorable!
Good luck with the quilt. I've got a bunch of quilts in progress that I should really drag out and work on. You know, in my spare time...