Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Well - tomorrow I'm back to work, but I'm feeling pretty good. The quilt is done! Even the binding!

I was not fun at first, but once I let go, and stopped worrying about what the back looked like (seriously, who sees the back?) it went better. It does look like it was quilted by a gin-soaked washer woman, but it's totally functional.

It took me about four hours to quilt the entire thing - just basic "stitch-in-the-ditch" quilting (even keeping it that easy, I still can't sew in a straight line). I would have gone much faster but for two things:
1) With just three lines left to quilt, I ran out of thread. Not cool.Much swearing ensured. Fortunately Mom came to the rescue and brought me down another spool. She's such a good Mommy.
2) The 15 lb fur-covered anchor who just wanted to "help"

"They'll never find me in here"

"Oh. Hi. I'm... um... helping.... yeah... that's it. I'm keeping this big cushy, soft ... I mean heavy! Heavy blankie in place so it doesn't pull your machine of the table. Yeah....  yeah ... that's it."

"Hey look... Tux is doing something bad over there. Why don't you go see what he's up to and I'll just stay here and keep your blankie warm."

After extracting the cat - several times - the quilting was done and it was onto the binding. I used that nice satin blanket binding you see on kids' blankets. There are cheaper ways to bind a quilt, and easier too - because that satin is slippery - but I absolutely adore it.

It took about two hours to pin it, and another hour to sew - but my quilt was done by bedtime! All in all - this quilt actually took me about a decade to make. That's from when the fabric was originally bought to the final completion.

I have one other quilt started - though the top isn't done yet - hopefully I can finish it quicker...

I think I need another vacation.


Frieda said...

That is too funny ! Love that pic where you just see his hind end ! I almost didn't see him when I first saw the photo . Congrats on finishing it , it beautiful and only you would know its imperfections . Looks pretty darn good to me.

Anonymous said...

It turned out pretty.

I love everyone's cat stories. But, then again --- I don't have to extricate a cat from all my work. LOL

Araignee said...

I have a serious case of quilt envy. It's lovely!

Rachelle said...

Well done! My first quilt which is on eldest's bed is not perfect either, I don't look at the back where the sheet I used for backing (a big no-no apparently) has tucked itself in a few places. The front looks reasonable and that's all we ever look at!

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful. That's quite a large project, no wonder why you needed Rocky to help, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... No wonder Rocky wanted it for his very own!