Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's shawl over but the crying

Seriously... I'm so excited about wearing the Lestrange cardigan... but it's not done yet. I have to knit that darn shawl collar (and a bottom ruffle) I knit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll day yesterday.

That's all I have to show for it. It's hard to tell, but right now it's over 500 stitches per row. In a few more rows, I start increase and will shortly be well over 600 stitches.

This is going to take FOREVER.

Then I still have to do the bottom ruffle!!!!

But I do love this yarn!


Araignee said...

The yarn is gorgeous.
I feel your pain as I just finished the giant collar for the cardigan I've been working in for almost a year now. I knit and knit and I never got anywhere. I had to put on markers to prove I was actually knitting and not in some weird knitting time warp.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it will BE SO BEAUTIFUL!

I do feel your pain though. I started a linen stitch scarf today --- 500 stitches! Yowza!

Rachelle said...

That yarn is so pretty close up! I remember knitting the edge of my citron shawl, similar number of stitches and it seemed like a slog by that point in the project.

elns said...

The yarn you've chosen is really beautiful and in pattern ... dreamy. I have to say, I am cheering you on in this final stretch, and I'm in awe. I will definitely check myself the next time I start moaning about how a project will never end. The fortitude you show with the 500 stitches and ... keep going it's already great! so it can only end up Incredibly fanstic holy poop wonderful!