Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mid-year check-in

 Okay - so we're a little passed mid-year, but it's close enough. Remember those knitting goals I set back in the beginning of January? Well, I thought it would be fun to step back and take a peak and see how I was doing on them...

Well... out of the 12 projects I chose... I've completed one....

Susie Rogers Reading Mitts
And yeah - I'm shamed to admit, it's the smallest one on the list.... but I did make a pair!

So... I think it's time to revise my outlook.. especially given the list of other things I've got planned for this year (including new designs, KALs and gift knitting...)

So without further ado, here are the seven projects I'd really like to complete by year end. (In no particular order):

A Better Bucket
How hard can it be to knit myself just one hat? I knit five hats last year!
This was a birthday present from SmokingHotNeedles and I have some perfect copper cotton for it - and it will go with eleventy billion things in my wardrobe. It must be knit!
I promised myself I'm going to knit this one this year - and by golly - I'm going to do it or die trying. (or attempt it an throw it in the wip pile and finish it next year... but at least I will have made the attempt.)

Before I got consumed by  Lestrange, I'd planned on starting this. But I didn't think it was wise to have two fingering weight lace cardis on the needles at one time. I may knit a heavier non-lace cardi before this one, but I really want to get it done this year.
Lace shawls take me two weeks tops.... why haven't I done this one? This year it shall be done!
Pirate Danger
I need at least one pair of socks on the list. It's gonna be pirates or nothing! (actually I've turned the heel on Vanellope so I may be starting this one soon...)
Short sleeves, worsted weight, cropped length. If I can't get this one done this year.... I never will.


Rachelle said...

I've got a few of those on my list too, though possibly not for this year (work, RSI and family reduce my knitting time). I too want to do Braid Hills, Hitofude and Pirate Danger.

Delusional Knitter said...

Eve's Ribs is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have an Icarus shawl that is several years in the making ... for no other reason than monotony ... I warned you :o)

Araignee said...

I love them all! I think the Braid Hill is a must....

Knatolee said...

Beautiful projects, all!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've been thinking about doing a mid-year review to see how I'm doing with my New Year's resolutions but I'm afraid to how little progress on t hose goals I may find. Lately I've been avoiding all responsibility and just knitting socks as the mood takes me.

I like that Better Bucket ... but it looks like a lot of stockinette in fingering weight.

Nancy Kay said...

Completed one? LOL. Well, the projects you have chosen are beautiful...I can see the allure! I'll look forward to seeing some pictures of the next update!

kathy b said...

love your mitts.
I'll knit a better BUCKET Too this year…I hope