Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meanwhile back in the garden...

1) The black clover has flowered
2) And I better keep my eye on it because these guys LOVE clover
3) The Armeria is pushing up flowers like crazy and they look a lot like clover flowers too!

4) Speaking of things that look like other things, Cupid's Dart looks a lot like a Thistle flower as it starts to bloom.
 5) The lone remaining sweet pea  - instead of growing up, has grown out and is now sporting four new vines... I really hope it starts growing up the trellis and flowering sometime this summer.
6) The roses are putting on a fantastic show. I've got a few blooms on the pink one, and the white one has pushed up 12 new buds
7) And who could forget about the dainty little forget-me-nots
8)  The Jalenones are doing REALLY well. I have a total  FIFTEEN coming so far. I think there will be hot-pepper- jelly-making session in my future. I've settled on this recipe as it's much like the jam I made last month. There's a hot pepper jelly lover on my Christmas list, so I think I have his present in the bag.

9) After a tip, and some research, I've learned that the strawberry look-a-like is probably not a wild strawberry at all, buy an imposter. I'm going to wait until it flowers just to be sure. However - it's almost berry time on the other plants!
10) Tomatoes! The first harvest is a little late this year compared to last (and I'm not harvesting just yet - you can't see it but the other side of that tomato is completely bug eaten), but that's not surprising considering the longer winter and much cooler weather this year.


Anonymous said...

The garden is looking pretty good, but it's missing a little something .......a photo of the CATS!

kathy b said...

as your garden grows… does your excitement for the harvest be it one strawberry or a dozen

Nancy Kay said...

Looking goooood!

elns said...

Such pretty things. I love the pink rose, and is it so horrible I love the thing that loves the bright colors in your garden? I feel like he's so skinny perhaps he needs it ;) Just kidding, I hope he leaves your flowers and harvest alone.

Araignee said...

Daddio put up a fight tonight over cutting his grass because he enjoys watching the bunnies eat his clover. We compromised and I left him a patch by the porch. Back when they were eating the vegetables in the garden he didn't think they were so cute.

Lily Razz said...

So much is growing in your garden! How wonderful! You've got a green thumb my dear! FIFTEEN peppers? Yowza!