Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mother nature just keeps raining on our parade

Mother Nature has it in for outdoor fun this year, I think.

Saturday was Sam's annual family picnic at her parents' place in my old hometown. (I get to go because they adopted me years ago - I'm the child they never knew they wanted.)

All week it was calling for a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, up until Friday night when the forecast turned to scattered showers. So much for scattered - it pretty much rained from the moment I got up until I got home again.

The rain didn't stop the kids from having fun though
A couple of well place tents and everyone is happy
And others are content even without the tent
That's Nora.... she's two now and does not appear to have an off button...
Despite the rain it was good to come home, dry off and warm up.

Today has been spent in the garden and on Lestrange (no, it's not done yet), but more on that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! The picture with the spy glass is just too darn adorable!

Araignee said...

Oh, doesn't seem like the little ones minded too much but it couldn't have been much fun for the grownups.

Nancy Kay said...

Looks like a delightful outing...even with the rain.