Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feeling hot, hot, hot

As I mentioned yesterday, we're in the middle of a heat wave. It's not humid weather, like we normally get this time of year - but it is darn tooting hot.

During the day, the kitties and I pretty much hang out inside with the a/c on, waiting until the sun had gone behind the trees to venture out and check on the gardens
Even then, it's better to retreat under the raspberries where it's cooler.

And poor Bunbun
There's not much he can do but stretch out and try to catch a breeze. You can't see it in the picture, but the poor guy was panting.

I'm sure they have a water supply somewhere, but I have no idea where it is (and we haven't had any rain in almost two weeks, so there's no nice cool puddles)
So I'm keeping a spare plant saucer full of water in the garden for them. Hopefully it helps when they need a little drink.


elns said...

Oh sweet pictures! You're a sweetheart to leave out some water. Your kindness doesn't surprise me.

WildflowerWool said...

I'm hoping that today is the last really hot day. I picked the wrong week to start knitting a bulky sweater! I'm sure your bunny is happy you are thinking of her.

kathy b said...

Aww bun bun. He'll survive. I worry that the cats might catch fleas if I take them in the yard where the bunnies and squirrels play. Do you protect the cats?

Anonymous said...

What a sweet thing to do for bun-bun! I'm sure he appreciates it.

Caffeine Girl said...

Wow! I can't believe the bunny sat still long enough for a photo. How sweet of you to provide some refeshment!

Araignee said...

Adorable photos! I do the same with the water bowls. I also keep plastic tubs of ice blocks in the freezer that I dump in when it really gets hot out. This has been one miserable summer.

Nancy Kay said...

My bunnies like to stretch out like that too. Our hot spell has arrived...and it's too hot to enjoy the yard until late in the day!