Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good boy!

The other day I came home from work and was in the process of putting my bags away and see to the cats' dinner, when Dave came by and muttered. "It caught a fly."

I looked down and Tux and Rocky, who were circling my feet waiting for their dinner. "Which one?"

"No, no.. the plant," Dave replied.

"Oh...."I said after a moment, clueing in. "You mean Victor."

"Yeah, whatever," he said. Dave has never subscribed to my habit of anthropomorphizing pretty much everything. "It's got a fly. What does it do with it now?"

I ran over to look.
"I dunno," I answered, inspecting the little trapped fly closer. "I think he slowly dissolves the fly in evil plant juices."

"Oh. Ok." he said and started to walk away. But I pulled him back....

"Look Dave! He's got TWO flies!!!"
"What a good boy you are!" I said to Victor, as Dave shook his head sadly and walked away.

I turned to Rocky and asked him what he got up to all day...
Well... at least someone is earning his keep....


Araignee said...

Oh, wow!

Chrisknits said...

Do the cats notice the plant? I wonder their reaction if they saw it close up on a fly. LOL!

WildflowerWool said...

That's amazing!

elns said...

I love carnivorous plants!! These are the ones I can keep alive for a decent amount of time. We started getting various ones when The Kid was in pre-school. It's been a while. I might need to try this again.

By the way, I love you named him. And Victor is an excellent carnivorous name. Victor's prowess is certainly impressive!

The pictures of Victor in digestive action are really, really cool. As you can see, I'm obnoxiously excited about this sorry. I am not sure if it's the coffee or remembering my love of the carnivorous plant.

Anyhow have a wonderful weekend. I love that photo of Rocky. He really is such a cutie.

Nancy Kay said...

Way to go, Victor!! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Rocky is earning his keep. He's keeping your chair warm. ;-)

Congrats to Victor!

(Giroux has been earning HIS keep too. He caught four lizards in the screen room so I could put them safely outside where they don't make a mess.)