Thursday, July 2, 2015

Garden land

Poor Mellow Yellow and Chicago Peace. They've had a bit of a rough go the last few weeks. The lawn service company decided to get a little too friendly with them a couple of times (hopefully that's been sorted out, but it took an angry letter to property management). And whatever took out branches last time, was at it again.

As you can see, they are smaller than the other bushes, but starting to fill in again. Chicago Peace already has a bloom.

As a precaution, I moved the bird feeder
It took no time at all for the birds to find it. It's a little closer to the berry bushes than I would like, but that can't be helped. I don't exactly have a large yard.

And speaking of food...
The food garden is coming along nicely. The weather hasn't gotten really hot, but we've had lots of sun.

In the bee garden...
 The daisies and susans are getting taller and taller!

And the Susans will bloom soon, I think!
And the daisies are going crazy!

Over at the side of the house
The gladiolus continue to grow (no buds yet) but their no sign of either the lilies or the Blazing Star. Either the squirrels got ALL the bulbs, or they were all duds. I'm a little disappointed about that.
 The lilies in the front garden are doing REALLY well and have started to bloom
I love my lilies!

And as for the tree garden... I took some of the dianthans up to Mom's so I've got to get in there and rearrange things so they look nicer. But....
The shamrock is blooming again. It's completely blocked by dianthans, but it must be happy!


Araignee said...

Nothing but envy for your beautiful weather and lovely yard. Here it is all heat, rain and mud. They even just cancelled our July 4th fireworks until Sunday because there is nothing but more rain in the forecast.

elns said...

I enjoyed the tour of your growing things in their different areas of your lovely garden. Your yard may not be huge according to you, but it's very full and lovely to me.