Friday, July 24, 2015

FO: Sacre Coeur

Bet you  thought I forgot about this one... well I did.. mostly. In all the hubub with my back, and the craziness that followed, it got tossed in a corner.

I meant to take it with me when I went to Mom's last weekend, but forgot. Then we had plans today, but our schedules got messed up... so I finally just decided to snap a few quick pics myself
This one was a really fun fast knit. It took me just over a month, but that was by no means monogamous knitting. With steady knitting, it could have been about a week.
It used about 500 yards of a merino/silk blend that Mom spun just for me. It was really nice to work with and is very, very soft.
The pattern was great too. It was very easy to memorize and with just two charts. And it's one of those beautiful patterns where you can make any size you want - just change how many times you repeat each chart. And depending on the combination you do, the finished project can end up looking very unique.

Of course, in the middle of July, it's far too warm to wear right now... but it will be lovely come September.

And yes.. that is one of my new dresses I'm wearing with it. They arrived this morning. Super fast shipping - another thing to love about Old Navy.


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Minding My Own Stitches said...

So very pretty with those long colour changes. Well done! And yes, I'm sweating a little just thinking about wearing a knit shawl right now!!