Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More potting (Thank you Dollarama)

Thank goodness I had a busy few days before my back started acting up - or I wouldn't have anything to blog about....

With everything going so well in the garden,  I was just looking for reasons to play in the dirt. Of course, I needn't look far.

A few weeks ago, I'd picked up a couple of catnip plants for the kids. They were still on the back table in their original nursery containers because I didn't have a pot to put them in. (I'm not putting them in the garden - I have enough problems keeping the cats out of it, already!)
And once again, it was Dollarama to the rescue. I got this nice little plastic barrel-inspired pot. Just perfect!
Of course, Tux doesn't care what kind of pot it's in, as long at it's at his level. It's now tucked in with the roses to help keep the Japanese Beetles away.

And, I'm ashamed to admit, that I've been neglecting one of my house plants a bit. Ella the Elephant Ear plant got tucked away in the house and I forgot to water her. She was looking a little sad and dried out... but Dollarama helped me make it up to her too...
...with a pretty new ceramic planter. In fact, I liked the planter so much, I bought another one for another plant I had rooting.
I have no idea what this plant is. It's a cutting from one of Mom's and she's always called it a "Barbados plant". Of course, I googled Barbados plant.. and there's nothing that looks like this.

The story behind it is.... years ago, when I was very small, my grandparents went to Barbados. Apparently, my grandma took a cutting from some plant that was growing in the ditch there (why, I have no idea... I've learned not to question things when it comes to my family's antics....) and brought it home (we won't even ask how it got by Customs) and planted it in a planter. And this thing grows like.... well... a weed... because apparently, that's what it is.

Mom's had hers (grown from clippings of the original plant) for more than 20 years. And it's in a pot so big, it needs two people to lift it. Mine will eventually need a bigger pot, but for now it's okay. If a little sad looking
Ah - that's better! That's an old bean trellis from when I had beans in our first garden here (also from Dollarama... I love that store!)

And speaking of trellises. If you've been around for more than a year, you'll know that last year I tried to grow some sweet peas from seed. They did fairly well for a few weeks, but then the bunnies found them.  It was one of the biggest disappointments in the garden last year. But I came up with a solution (thanks again to Dollarama)
A trough planter and a bamboo trellis! I can keep it where the bunnies can't reach it and hopefully in a week or so, will see pea sprouts poking through the soil!

And one last potting adventure....

While I was weeding the food garden... I noticed a little tomato seedling growing amidst the strawberries. 
It must have grown from one of last years fallen tomatoes.
So into a pot it went (with a small tomato trellis... also from Dollarama!) and some marigold seedlings found elsewhere in the food garden! This is going to go up to Mom's. It's hard to say how big it will get, given how late we are in the season already, but we figured it was worth a try.


kathy b said...

I love your Dollarama successes. ! !
Bunnies do get to many of our plants too. The cats love to eat all plants so we must put them up high on shelves on the porch.
I'm using old knitting needles to train my ivy this year.

elns said...

You super scored at the Dollarama! Really cute planters.

And this? "(why, I have no idea... I've learned not to question things when it comes to my family's antics....) "

It speaks to me so much today. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You were very BUSY in the garden.

Is it possible that your "Barbados" plant is actually a Hoya?

Araignee said...

Love the Barbados story. No wonder your back hurts with all that planting. Do you have any room left in your yard? ;)

Lorraine said...

Dollarama? Seriously?