Friday, January 11, 2013

Goal tending

You may have noticed that I haven't posted about any 2013 goals yet, though we're quickly closing in on the middle of the month.

I debated on having any goals this year. In 2011 my goal was to manage my WIPs (and resist the pressure of knitting for others). Last year was all about the stash down with a few "project" goals thrown in. So I thought about just letting it all go and not make any goals. But to be honest, I flounder without goals and by the end of January, I'd end up with 20 more projects cast on, the stash mutating out of the studio and a bottomless Ravelry queue.

So... knitting goals for 2013....

1) I'm continuing with the stash down, though I probably won't do a monthly report. I think I'll just get one of those yardage tickers. Honestly, this goal won't be hard to meet... the budget doesn't allow for many yarn splurges (though I do have a gift certificate to the Needle Emporium burning a hole in my pocket) and.. I have almost unlimited access to hand-dyed yarn because - WCY DOESN'T COUNT!! (I love that little caveat!)

2) I'm knitting from the queue, as much as possible. I try to keep my queue to reasonable limits - no more than three pages. And I'd love to add some new things, so it's time to knit, knit, knit from the queue. Among the patterns I really hope to complete this year:

Icarus has been in the queue FOREVER. It's one of the reasons I learned to knit lace. I started it once, but got very distracted and frogged it. I also don't think it was a wise choice for an almost-first lace project. I have some lovely white silk just waiting for this project - and some pretty pearl beads too!

Eve's Ribs

I wanted to knit this last year and never got to it. It's one of those patterns that's just so ME!. I have some Cascade natural alpaca that would be lovely for it. But I'm very tempted to dye up some Top Cat Aran. Decisions, decisions!

Susie's Reading Mitts

This is one of those project that would be so quick to do, but I just never seem to get to. I've been saving the left over Zara so they match my Wildwood Beret.


Another pattern I've loved since forever! I have several skeins of yarn in the stash that would be perfect for this. It boggles my mind how I haven't knit them already

I'd also like to knit a skirt  - I have several patterns queued but I can't decide. And I'd like to finish an afghan. If I do accomplish this goal, it will most likely be the Barn Raising Quilt I have on the go, though I do have enough yarn to knit Yggdrasil...

3) I'm going to resist startitis... Just like 2011, I'd like to keep the WIPs undercontrol... with no more than five projects on the go at any one time. At the beginning and end of each month, I'll do a little WIP check in - just to keep me honest.

So... here's the first WIP check in.

As of January 11, I have 8 WIPs on the go.... three pairs of socks, two cardigans for myself, a baby cardi, a shawl and an afghan. By February 1st, I pledge to have completed two pairs of socks (the Embossed Leaves socks, the handspun socks_), the Aeolian shawl, the R2D2 cardigan - and I get bonus points if I complete my upsized Silver cardigan.

Now that's some serious goal tending!


Araignee said...

Serious is right-and well thought out. Good luck. I am pretty sure you can handle it!

Rachelle said...

Sounds like a list of goals we could all use in our plan this year.

gayle said...

I have no doubt you'll accomplish your goals. You, my dear, are the Unstoppable Force of Knitting. 8)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I can't even imagine how impossible it must be to control your stash when you're so often surrounded by yarn. I can barely manage when the closest source of yarn is 15 minute car drive away :)

Susie Rogers Reading Mitts really are that easy. Probably 2-3 days at most. And they really are lovely. Of course it seems to be spring now, so no rush!

I made Kai-Meis and I have to say I was disappointed in them. Probably my least favourite socks. I just couldn't get them to stay put on my feet the way they're shown in the pictures. I'll be interested to see what you think of them.

Samantha said...

Great goals! I only have one goal this year and that's to finish what I've started. My regime of "I'm only knitting things I want to knit" continues. I don't have much of a stash so I'd actually like to increase it a little bit.

I started Icarus once. Then I got all confused and gave up. That was when the pattern first came out. It's such a beautiful shawl. It's still in my queue.

Monika said...

I like your goals! And your queue has a lot of patterns I have in mine too. But, horror! I have 36 pages, and my wish list alone is 6 pages long. I have got to get over it all with a more realistic outlook soon. I`d like to knit from stash too. The most I can stand having WIP`s is 3, more than that makes me nervous. I wish you good luck in obtaining your knitting goals for this year.

Sava said...

Oooh I love goals! And that Icarus shawl is just amazing. I may have to add it to my own queue!