Saturday, January 5, 2013

The subdued sunflower shawl

I was up dyeing at Mom's today, so I took the opportunity to snap a few shots of the finished Sunflower Shawl.

I knit this in Fluffy Cat Light - Colour is Buddleia Transitions.

I used just over two skeins - the second skein starts in the middle of the grey (each skein has one large band of each colour).
I love how it just reached the purple at the edging - it looks like it's frosted with purple icing.

I didn't make any mods to the actual knitting of the pattern, but as you can see, I added beads. Lots and lots of beads. The beads are a frosted matte grey with a shiny centre that makes them glow like cats eye beads. I actually bought them with the intention of making a solid grey shawl (no pattern in mind) but when I went looking for beads that would go with all three colours in the yarn, they jumped out at me. And I think they work perfectly!

Mom is getting ready to make some Transitions yarns for socks, but I'll be working on some shawl ones soon too (probably Slinky and Fluffy). Keep your eye on the shop!


Samantha said...

It's so pretty. How nice it was of Mother Nature to give you such a lovely backdrop. :) You're right, those beads are perfect.

Sava said...

It's beautiful! Against the snow, the colors make me think of the new growth that comes right after winter, poking out through the frost.

Monika said...

It's beautiful!

Nancy Kay said...

That is a beautiful shawl!!! I can really appreciate the lacy work! Wow. I have a pattern and the yarn to make a shawl that incorporates beads, but I haven't launched into the project as yet. Yours is so the colors for this pattern!

WildflowerWool said...

Love the shawl and the yarn!