Friday, March 12, 2010

Cooking, yarning.. you know how it is...

Remember how I said I was looking forward to having Fridays off because I would have a whole free day....?

It hasn't happened yet - oh I've had every Friday off. But none of it's been free. Today I went up to mom and re-skeined all that pretty yarn we dyed the other day. Normally mom does that.. I just go there, make a mess with the dyes and bugger off.

But she hasn't been doing much knitting lately, so I thought if I took care of the skeining she'd have time to knit. (well she would if she'd stay off the Ravelry forums.) It took most of the afternoon.

While I was up there, I caked up of my own yarn - My Walking on the Wild Tide from Jeanne. I found a second skein on a ravelry destash and plan to make Multnomah with it. I was going use my Skinny Bugga in Rainbow Scarab for Multnomah, but now I think I'm going to use it for Citron... so I caked it up too. Look for the cast on of one of those soon.

I had also dyed some Alley Cat for myself:
Colour is Wood Nymph. It's actually Wood Nymph Lite as I used the leftover dye from the original Wood Nymph, which looks like this
Much richer and deeper. There will be some available in Slinky Cat Fingering soon.

I also scammed four balls of ZarinaThey were left over from a beautiful lacy sweater mom made me for Christmas a couple of years ago:
and I made pouty faces at her and I got to take the leftovers home. I'm thinking the Zarina will be paired up with another yarn and turned into a lacy shawl with ruffles!

Then I came home and started cooking. It's March Break and Dave is off, so he's heading to the cottage for a week of solo guitar. So, to make sure he's well fed for the week (if I leave him alone he'll just eat peanut butter and bread) I made of five individual trays of Shepherds Pie:
Well it's almost Shepherd's Pie. I discovered I didn't have enough potatoes for the topping. Well I did, but they are those little mini potatoes you just cut in have and cook with the skins tiny I wasn't about to spend hours peeling them. I know, I could have left the skins on and mashed them, it's healthy.. but its just weird to me. I'm not opposed to eating potato skins... but not in my mashed potatoes. I'll get more potatoes tomorrow and finish them up before he leaves on Sunday.

In addition to the Shepherd's Pie I also whipped up six Stuffed Peppers (One of Dave's favourites)These three are for his dinner tonight, and there are three more in the freezer for March Break.

I had a little helper while cooking:
She wasn't so much helping as rolling on the floor, hoping for scraps... but does she really think that showing me that fat belly is going to make me indulge her?

Anyway, I'd love to stop and relax, but all that cooking created mountain of dishes (funny how that happens). I really have to invest in a dishwasher one of these days

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Anonymous said...

All that food looks very yummy! You can come cook here any time you want! LOL

Monika said...

Your Dave is very spoiled! ;o)
The food looks good, my son passed by when I read your blog post and asked what that yummy food is, he would like some. :o)
And what's wrong with PB sandwiches? :o)

lexa said...

I've never had a dishwasher, but I often wish now that I had one!

Not ready for handspun said...

Yarning and cooking sound like very good ways to spend cold rainy days.