Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new level of decadance

I love bubble baths. I have ever since I was little. I don't shower (unless I'm in a hurry). I take long luxurious bubble baths. Every.Single.Night.

I have a feeling I'm single-handedly supporting the bubble bath industry. I love nothing more than soaking in a tub of near scalding water, with a mountain of bubbles, and a good book to read.

When I was a teenager, we only had one bathroom, and my baths were forever interrupted by knocks on the door - even if I asked everyone in the house if they need to pee first. My Dad was the worse culprit.

When we moved, I got my own bathroom and I know Dad was hoping it would keep me from Bogarting his bathroom. But my bathroom didn't have a tub, just a shower stall... so I still ended up hogging the tub. But at least there was a second toilet in the house.

When I moved out on my own, both Dad and I were relieved. I so looked forward to being able to soak and read till my heart's content without interruptions.

Well there was the cats.. Rocky thinks he needs to supervise (in case of drowning, you know) and makes himself comfortable on the side of the tub, occasionally dipping his tail in. I think Tux enjoys the sauna like conditions of the bathroom as he usually sprawls on the bathmat, and Peno keeps watch at the door (perhaps so I'm not interrupted?). But despite their company, I was free to indulge in my watery relaxation.

Until Dave moved in. Now I get "Are you gonna float around in there all night?" And yes, once again, there is only one bathroom in the house. I'd make him pee in the bushes, but I think the neighbours would complain.

But Dave is gone this week so I've been reveling in my ability to bath with abandon. And I've discovered a way to increase my level of bathing decadence... a book AND a bowl of ice cream - pecan caramel ice cream to be exact. Dave thought the reading-in-the-tub thing was bad. Just wait until he gets home and sees this!


I finished the third section of Citron and as predicted it took much longer. Almost twice as long in fact. The next two sections are going to be even worse! No pictures because the progress isn't that thrilling


Remember that fish I told you about? That one I named Fred? I found a picture of him (and me!)Yes... I am the fishing queen. (Actually I'm not ... I usually only catch useless fish like sunfish, sheepshead and catfish. Fred is the exception to the rule)


Not ready for handspun said...

I think you need a hot tub! They're especially great on a starry night when it's snowing lightly ... the snowflakes melt as they approach the steaming water.

lexa said...

There's only one bathroom at my parents' place, and the house I have now only has one bathroom, too. We have dreams of some day putting in a toilet, shower stall, and sink in the basement. It never fails, every time I get in there someone else has to go!

Knitting Linguist said...

I miss long baths. One sad outcome of living in a drought state is Bath Guilt, sigh...

Lost City Denise said...

There are times I miss a long soak. No tub in the new house, just a huge shower. But if I get my way there will be a tub on a deck overlooking the creek - yep - out in the open.

My tub ritual was suds, book, candles and vino. Ahhh the days of being single.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Woo Hoo - another bath person! I knew I wasn't crazy! I take a bath pretty much every night to relax before bed (unless I stayed up later then planned). I hated having only one bathroom when we lived in our apartment - I insisted on at least 1 1/2 baths (we lucked out with 2 1/2). What bugs me is 1) the master bath only has a shower (they took the tub out - what were they thinking?) and 2) my tub is not installed corretly so it has a "valley" in it - but I still use it! I do want to replace it at some point with a soaking tub though - ours is no where close to deep enough. And bubbles - so important to have to relax! I haven't tried ice cream yet though - but we do have some chocolate at home....hmmm...