Wednesday, November 20, 2013


.... here be Monsters!
Tux and I snuggled up on the couch last night and I committed to putting fins on this sweet little plesiosaur. In theory, I could knit one of these in a day, but working with heavier yarn on small needles is a bit hard on the hands, and it's best to take a break.

The pattern is brilliant though, and no matter how many of these I make (this is number 10!) I'm always amazed at how it comes together.
This one was knit with Fat Cat in Cloudy (Yep, the same skein as the Antler Hat) and I paired it with some lovely hand-painted silk for the belly.

This is another Christmas present off the list - and I'm feeling pretty good. There's only a handful left to go, and none of them are huge. Of course, November is quickly creeping by.....

Tux update:
I've been letting Tux have some cone-free time, and for the most part, he's left the leg alone - though there was a big licking session just before bed, that sprung a major leak - so cone is back on overnight.
Right now he's napping in Dave's chair (of which Dave does not approve, but he's not home, so too bad for him!).

Tomorrow morning, we're back up to the vet for some bloodwork and a biopsy, and his surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday. It wouldn't be happening this quickly without the help of all you wonderful readers and knitters - the sales so far have covered about half of the potential costs. I've teared up several times when I think of the support you've shown us. You're all amazing!

The sales will continue for the rest of the week - Love15 to save 15% in the shop and and automatic 25% off my rav patterns


Anonymous said...

Tux looks so relaxed. Best wishes for a quick recovery from his surgery.

Araignee said...

That is one adorable monster! I am also knitting some bulky yarn and I am hating what it is doing to my hands. Give me teeny tiny needles and teeny tiny yarn any day.
Hugs to Tux!

Rachelle said...

My 2 black girls look just like that at the moment, the rain came in so inside is where they want to be. Keeping an eye on one, she had a little discharge from her eye this afternoon and need to make sure it doesn't get worse.

RobinH said...

A very charming little monster! And I see that Dave's chair is protected by some comfy-looking mitred squares, so I can't imagine what he could complain about!

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

great monster!
when I was making toys my hands would ache for days.
Tux! get better sweetie!