Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stay on target

As you know, Christmas knitting/crafting is in full swing here at Chez WanderingCat. While not as hectic as last year (I started earlier this year, and got those pesky December birthday presents out of the way) I've still got a pretty packed list.

Compile that with 10-hour work days (thank-you long commute), animal responsibilities, and the upkeep on the shop front, time slips away pretty quickly.

I made a list up in October of everything I have to make, and have been steadily checking things off. I'm probably about 60% done, which compared to last year, is fantastic. I was also a lot more realistic in the size of the projects I chose (no Christmas sweaters this year...).

However, to keep myself on track, and see just how realistic my goals are... I mapped everything out in excel, just like I did last year.
As I said, this year's list is much more manageable. The green are the projects already completed and the ones in yellow are underway. Several of those projects are optional extras - if I don't get them done - no biggie. If all goes according to plan, all holiday knitting will be complete by December 18th.

Then I can get back to my LeStrange Cardigan... I have missed her so.


Araignee said...

I envy those who can manage gift knitting. I stay in a state of denial until late November and then I go crazy trying to keep up.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

now that is planning!
I am not getting any gift knitting done this year....
I got my Top Cat in the mail today and it is HEAVEN. the most beautiful yellows. Thanks so much for all the wonderful wrapping and the itty bitty kitty. I can't wait to start.

Rachelle said...

I still don't know who I'm gifting to this year; hard to make things ahead as some of the family wouldn't appreciate knitted gifts. Mum or my SIL are both appreciative, the males in the family are mostly not (Dh is not in this list, he loves handknits)

Lily Razz said...

Wow what a great way to keep organized! And you're so sweet knitting all those gifts! Happy knitting/crafting!

Nancy Kay said...

What a great way to stay organized and to manage your projects. Looks like quite a bit of knitting will be happening in the next few weeks! Have fun!!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

I am BEYOND impressed with you! Job well done! I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. And sadly, it isn't even that much!

Good luck with your deadlines! :)