Friday, November 1, 2013

Things are not as they appear.

Ask anyone who knows me well - self esteem is not something I lack.I'm not perfect - I'm over weight, have a gap between my teeth, my head is too small, I bite my nails, I'm not graceful. But most days, I think I'm pretty damn awesome.

But just like any woman, there are days when I look at the the pages of a fashion mag and think... why don't I look like that? And I have a media background - I know that what you see is not always reality. But it's easy to forget that when you're staring at a seemingly perfect model.

If you ever have a day like that, check out this link. It really puts things in perspective.

And here's a cat picture. Because cats never worry about eating that cheeseburger!


Anonymous said...

I'm 58, I'm still a little overweight, but my body kicks-A$$ in the gym. I have wrinkles especially when I smile. I'm short. My hair sometimes (okay --- most times) has a mind of it's own and yeah ...sometimes I bite my nails too. But ya know what???? WE ARE AWESOME JUST THE WAY WE ARE!

My biggest problem is finding appropriate clothing. I'm in that age between hoochie-koochie girl and Golden Girls.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I spent my entire day transplanting head shots onto other bodies so I know all about this. The most upsetting moments?
• when the art director complained that the 13 year old model was still too hippy for the control top pantyhose shoot
• when we had to retouch to soften the bones showing through the skin on the anorexic fashion models
• when we had one approved "butt" to paste into four guys in a jeans ad.

Araignee said...

All of my friends are sharing that video on Facebook so I saw it a few days ago and was amazed. I had no idea.
Also, the one thing I love about British TV is that their people look like real people. Here in the US all of our TV characters look like super models who are married to ugly men. I hate that.

kathy b said...

That picture is awesome!!!

I have weight to lose and I used to be so pretty.....
but we age and we have to see the pretty in that too!

I never say no to a cheeseburger...I must be part cat